There is an attempt of assuming that you already know focus is anything that you give a special attention too in a given circumstance – something that becomes the aim of everything that you’re doing. Focus is what makes you keep doing whatever you’re doing. It is the source of your efforts. Without a focus, definitely you can’t work on anything. It’s the focus that make individuals spend years in learning institutions. It’s the focus that is making you go for work – you do need to earn a living and provide for your family (the family is your focus)

The world need focused people.

I can’t run away from the fact that not everyone think about bringing positive changes on earth. There are others who a focused on damaging the beautiful planet. My attention is on those who are focused on positive things; things that are suppose to improve humanity. Great men and women who’s focuses aren’t for self benefits and glorification. Individuals who’s success is meant to assist millions if not billions of people. One can think I’ve exaggerated so much, it’s really normal to think that way because not everyone can focus on such a huge and indeed challenging thing. Only selfless individuals can act on such a plan. These are the individuals to take humanity to the next level.

The maintenance of focus.

The same way individuals do maintain other things, much more is needed for maintenance of focus. Your focus can be made stronger or destroyed completely by those whom you call friends. Having right friends is an extremely important step of maintaining your focus on whatever you’re doing. Your associates are the ones who stand a better chance of doing anything to you. For you to maintain your focus, you need to be surrounded by individuals who are walking on your direction, individuals who can understand what you’re doing. Friends are one of the most important assets in everyone’s dream. Any focused individual do have principles when it comes to friendship. When you have no choice but to end your relations with some individuals, no matter who they’re; you should do it without any hesitation. Focus maintenance do get accompanied by critical decision making. Not able to please everyone is one of the things that you can’t avoid. If walking alone is the only way to remain focused, then there’s absolutely no choice because your dreams are suppose to be more important than pleasing people.

Trusting yourself is as well a mandatory thing. You need to trust yourself no matter what. You’re the one who dreamt about that particular plan you’re working on, the unwavering trust should be from within yourself. Whether you get support from other people or not, your self-trust should always be constant. For you to successfully maintain your focus, you need to be careful on whom you pay attention to. However you pay attention too; gives you a unique direction. The more you listen to those individuals the more you’ll lose focus. A focused individual is one who trust him/herself but afford to let few other focused individual’s opinions matter. No one is perfect therefore everyone do need a few other individuals with whom he/she can exchange thoughts and try to be close to perfection.

When one is exchanging thoughts with other focused individuals, individuals who are walking on his/her direction of course; never get misled. Their thoughts are always guided by their inner feelings. The feeling that guides and direct individuals towards greatness. As a focused individual, it’s indeed necessary for you to always listen to your inner voice because it always knows the truth. It has it’s unique way of whispering. Your right friend’s thoughts can matter but your own inner voice is the final decision maker; you need to obey it.