Birds of same feathers flocks together.

This is a crystal clear depiction that, you can’t be different from however you are closely associated with. It doesn’t matter how smart you may think you’re. So long as you’re associated with other people, even if you’ll not do what they’re doing; it doesn’t mean that you’re different. Being different means; avoiding the association for good. Hanging around with them is a clear depiction that you do have same character traits but you’re too scared to act. Though you might not be 100% alike in terms of character traits but I don’t think it can be less than 80%. The 20% difference is what majority uses as an evidence that they’re different from their close friends.

“I don’t smoke bhang like him rather I normally mix it in food, I’m not a bhang smoker!”

How about this statement? Someone associated with bhang addicts trying to prove that he is different from the rest. The primary purpose of any association is what matters, different techniques of striving for a similar satisfaction doesn’t matter.

Show me your friends and I shall tell exactly whom you are.”

Your friends are the evidence of your true personality. One can strive to hide everything from everyone but friends are the ones that shall always unaware reveal everything. They are a reflection of what one does, whether behind the scene or publicly. There are some who claim to have been trapped in wrong associations. The argument shall always be, “what did you possess such that you had to be trapped?” For one to be trapped, there must be plenty of similarities between the person and others. A wrongly trapped individual shall never be comfortable in the association. A wrongly trapped individual shall step out immediately without any hesitation.

One can’t claim to have been trapped when things has turned into sour. Intelligent individuals shall always ask “ If you were aware that you were trapped, what hindered you from stepping out? Why did you had to be there despite of the fact that you knew you were with wrong people?”

Impacts of wrong friends.

How can one distinguish between a good and a wrong friend? This is a question that any intelligent person will seek to know it’s answer. Obviously, good and wrong friends are like the light and the darkness. It requires more than just an ordinary common sense to identify them. Wrong friends are the green snakes in a green grass. They shall never wish to let their evilness discovered. Who are they and what exactly do they do?

  • Destroy instead of making.
  • They discourage instead of encouraging.
  • They make you bitter instead of better.
  • They exhaust you instead of exalting.
  • They use you instead of helping.
  • They only hang around when you have something to offer.
  • They’re not available during their happy moments.
  • They wish to know everything about you but won’t dare speak much about themselves.
  • Your absence doesn’t matter as long as they have what they need from you.
  • They rarely speak the truth and they can’t keep anyone’s secrets.

These are just few character traits of wrong friends. For you to be exactly like them, they do need to drag you down to their level. With all these traits, they do have the power to kill your dream and eventually end your life. The moment you fit into their level, you shall already have lost everything you ever had. You shall be indeed a bitter person whose heart is full of bitterness and an urge for revenge. To whom shall you revenge when your enemies are the ones massaging you and offering you a shoulder for a cry? They shall be the ones comforting you. So who shall be a revenge target? Anyone doing good, having a happy life, promoting unification, promoting peace, encouraging people to love each other, individuals who shall be helping others in becoming better versions of themselves etc. One will ask; why these people? It’s because, the pain of losing is much greater than the joy of gaining. Moving from somewhere to nowhere isn’t bearable.

These individuals end up hating everyone doing good than them. This is what makes them embrace the character traits of their friends. As initially stated, they may try to hide and denie it but their association shall expose them. That’s the cycle that shall keep on recurring itself.

Facts about friendship.

Good friends are those that are walking towards the same direction as you. Individuals whom you have a similar destination. Individuals who may be doing something different but leading to the same destination as yours. Individuals that are happy when you’re happy and sad when you’re sad. Individuals who can stand by your side when everyone else is running away.

Friendship is something that is suppose to help you become a better person. It doesn’t mean that because you support unification, then you have no choice other than having everyone as your friend. You can treat people friendly without necessarily making them your friends. Coming from same country and belonging to the same race doesn’t mean that, one should automatically become your friend. Again, walking towards the same direction isn’t a guarantee of friendship. Treating people in a friendly manner is mandatory but making them your friends is your own choice.

Hardships are all over the world, individuals do have different kind of problems; speakable and unspeakable. Speaking about your problems to someone, isn’t a guarantee that you shall become friends. Friendship is something that is suppose to be built gradually day by day. Gaining trust to each other day by day. Identifying each other’s character traits day by day.
That’s how one can identify good friends at the midst of wolves in sheep’s skins. Good friends that shall accept you the way you’re without necessarily having to change in order to fit in. Good friends that shall bring happiness to you by speaking what is necessary for your journey. Good friends that shall never try to kill your drive towards reaching your destination. Good friends that shall understand that the light is the ruler of your life and instead of daring it, they shall encourage you to keep embracing it’s guidance and directive. Good friends that do possess or are eager to gain knowledge and wisdom that is indeed necessary for your journey. In a good association, nothing shall hinder you from pursuing your goals in life. Good friends are the most important and indeed a valuable gift that is worthy protecting. By serious scrutiny and careful consideration, you shall never find yourself in wrong associations.