“Where am I, what really happened to me? How did I came here, where is however that brought me here. Exactly, what’s that! Who are they, and why are they all staring at me. Am I an odd one out? Can’t they even consider telling me what’s the meaning of all this? Do they talk anyway! Hello, can you hear me! Why are they booming? Do I look stupid? Some are laughing at me, why? I’ve been much caring, why can’t they do the same to me? Or maybe I do need to explain myself, but why? ”

After a long and indeed a tiresome day, he was indeed exhausted both mentally, emotionally and physically. He just wanted to sleep. He just opened a drawer and took out some pills. His mind wasn’t really functioning well that day; instead of a single pill he took ten. Very confused he was on that particular night. Before he could even make it to bed, he was already sleepy. He just dropped the glass he was holding and in a slow motion, positioning himself horizontally on a sofa. Coincidentally, his electricity token was exhausted on that particular day and time, therefore all electronics and the light automatically went off. It never took long before he was sound asleep. By that time, his home was as quiet as a deserted cemetery. There was no way his sleep would have been disrupted.

Within a spur of a moment, he was in a dream world. Everything looked different. He was seeing extra ordinary things, he couldn’t even tell exactly what they were. He could see a group of people: some staring at him, some laughing at him and some booming. After making several attempts of calling them without success, he eventually decided to move closer to them. He majestically approached the crowd. By that time he was a bit feeling at home. Before reaching them, they moved away. He could see them walking away rudely. He never gave up, he kept on following them much closely because after all, he was a bit afraid and he believed that he was somehow safe with their presence. Indeed he was determined in reaching them. Finally, they stopped moving in front of a structure that he couldn’t even tell what it was.
“Why are you following us?” one of them wanted to know. He wasn’t sure on what to say because they were totally strangers to him.

“Can you stop following us because you don’t even qualify to be one of us! You still have a lot to do. How can you be part of us when you’ve always violated good deeds. You’ve more often accused others falsely, you’ve always tried to kill other’s drive towards success, just recently you received bribe. Why have you been so abusive? You once insulted a poor old man who approached you for help during a traffic jam on your way to work. Didn’t you thought that he was a human being just like you? There are so many horrible things you’ve been doing. You just deserve wandering all the place because you won’t be part of us.
It’s very necessary for everyone to respect the other. Being kind doesn’t cost anything, It’s the priceless gift you should always give to everyone. You never know who is your destiny helper, the one that is just there like a gold in a dirty bag. Unless you have the humility and humbleness, that can enable you open the dirt bag; you shall leave the precious stone right there. Kindness shall open a door for you. It shall make you a man of favor. Where others shall be condemned, you shall be celebrated. Where others shall be chased away, you shall be welcomed. Where others shall be tolerated, you shall be recommended. Kindness shall bring joy to yourself. Kindness shall enable you assist everyone that comes to you seeking help. The power of prosperity, and happiness is on helping others. Support however you can and expect nothing in return. You need to find a way of reconciling with all that you wronged. Return everything that you took from anyone. Be good always no matter the situation. Never be quick in reacting because you shall ruin your happiness. A happy man is one who consider the happiness of those around him. Humanity should not be an option for you rather it should be mandatory.
Be a role model such that even kids can admire your life. Currently, no one wishes to live your life. Even innocent animals such as cats and dogs see you as an enemy because of how you treat them. Indeed, you’re cruel.” One of them made it clear.

Those weren’t false allegations rather they were a pure truth of whom really he was. He couldn’t afford listening to all that without letting tears of sorrow cascade down his cheeks. He was guilty beyond the shadow of doubt. He always believed that a good job with a good salary is everything he needed for him to be happy. He always brag to all his peers and subordinates. He never knew the source of eternal happiness, happiness that doesn’t vanish away in case of financial crisis. Happiness resulted in seeing others doing great. Happiness that was brought by the unwavering efforts in helping those who can’t help themselves, fighting for those who can’t fight for themselves and speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves.

“Everything is true, I do really regret for all that. I’m so sorry and I’d wish to humbly request you to accept me to be one of you. Please! Please! Please!…” He tried to beg them. But before he could even finish talking, he was cut short.
“We have already told you it’s impossible for you to be one of us! You can’t even wander here due to your disturbance. Go away from here. (he was kicked hard) turn over a new leaf!” he was clarified.

He gave a louder scream as he landed on the neatly carpeted floor from the sofa. His entire room was smelling urine and stool, it seem that the sleep was so heavy such that he couldn’t even afford waking up for both calls. He had a tough time in cleaning the entire room. He had to soak all the clothes. Funny enough, he ended up mixing the horrible smelly clothes with a shirt that only had foam on it. Indeed it was time for him to turn over a new leaf. He chose to change for better. Indeed, the dream made him learn a lot. He believed that, one day he was going to dream again and he couldn’t afford having a hard time during that particular time. He wanted to be celebrated in the future dream. With the knowledge he already grasped, he was sure that nothing could hinder him from becoming a better version of himself.

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