This is a special dedication to all those who are going through hard times in their lives. Individuals who are tempted to believe that they won’t make it. Individuals who can’t stop crying. Their hearts are full of pain, their heads won’t stop aching.

There are some natural occurrences that are absolutely beyond human parameters control. No one can stop their occurrences when given an opportunity of knowing the exact time of their occurrences. Not everything is as a result of one’s mistakes and missteps. On this planet, everyone is prone to any kind of natural occurrences.

No matter how terrible you think your problems are, there is someone experiencing much terrible issues than yours.

• When you feel so lonely for losing one of your family members, there is someone who just lost the entire family within a spur of a moment.
• When you think that you’re disadvantaged for having weak legs; there is someone who has no legs at all.
• You can’t have a balanced diet and you feel so sad? There is someone who wishes to just have anything that is safe for human consumption.

Challenges are part of everyone’s growth, never even at once think that you’re going through are situation for no reason. Be it good or bad, every situation has it’s purpose and it’s origin. Always concentrate on how to overcome any given challenge; no matter how difficult it is. If it’s as a result of a mess, then never be too arrogant in admitting the mistake and fixing it as soon as you can.

Pride is a poor substitute of intelligence.

Never be too proud such that you can’t even think of fixing your mistakes. Remember, pride shall make you lack humility that is indeed an extremely important thing. When thinking that you are much more important than anyone else, can you dare to correct yourself and apologize for it? Definitely you can’t.

“I’m an important person and apologizing isn’t my habit!”
With such kind of pride, do you think that you can even have good relation with anyone? Such mentality will always hinder you from overcoming any kind of challenge no matter how simple it is. Have you ever come across two individuals fighting over absolutely nothing? Don’t you think the fight is as a result of pride? Indeed it is, pride symbolises absence of intelligence.

Consider others before acting out of anger.

It’s very normal for anyone to fail in overcoming challenges. There’s absolutely no problem as long as however fails to do so, doesn’t refrain from trying to fix the challenge. Failure can make you angry and become too blind to see the real meaning of your existence. Never make any kind of decision while angry. Anger will always make you do things that you’ll always regret about. Remember:

• When you’re about to give up in any given thing; there is someone somewhere wishing to have such an opportunity that you have but there is no way that person can have it.
• When you’re about to commit suicide; there is someone at hospital in life supporting machine not ready to die.
In other words, whatever you wish to destroy; be it your own life, property etc; there is someone somewhere spending sleepless nights working on it.

A way forward.

How can you make sure that you are safe from any form of self-destruction? You just need to be a pillar for others. Up to wherever you’re, it’s indeed a step. Despite of your own challenges, show support to all those who are interested in what you have or whatever you have been doing; so long as it’s for the betterment of human species at large. The more you support them, the more you shall find various ways of solving your challenges. Never allow selfishness and competitive personality possess you. The strength and courage of get moving is found in sharing knowledge and experience. Never consider whom the person is.


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