Were we all born with empty minds? Yes we were. No human being was or shall ever be born with some knowledge in his/her head. The only knowledge  I’m pretty sure that can be  well explained by scientists or spiritual experts  is the cry we all made on the very first minute after getting out of our respective mother’s wombs. That’s the common thing we all did and is expected from every physical realm newcomer. We were all introduced to a world of diverse paths where by our common senses were the common introduction level for each and every path that was available for us. One will wonder what exactly goes wrong. Well, 

  1. When some are busy saving; others are busy spending. 
  2. When some are busy learning; others are busy partying. 
  3. When some are busy supporting each other; others are busy pulling each other down. 
  4. When some are busy dreaming; others are busy sleeping. 
  5. When some are busy trying endlessly; others are maintaining a clear record of not being failures by avoiding trying. 
  6. When some are being pillars to others; others are being perfect frustrators. Etc. 
  7. When some are taking risks; others are waiting for perfect moments. 

These are some of elements that drastically create a gap between one person and the other. Everyone do attain any kind of knowledge after birth. The world provide us with both constructive and destructive knowledge, a choice of what to learn and what to ignore will always be at individual level. Are you cautious enough to distinguish between constructive and destructive knowledge? Constructive knowledge is indeed necessary for all who are seeking greatness. 

Constructive knowledge makes it possible for individuals to bury all their differences and join hands together. It enables people to stretch their hands to those at the clif about to fall instead of kicking them to fall even much quicker. It’s the constructive knowledge that enable individuals to realize their abilities and strive to nourish them. It’s only constructive knowledge that is humanity based. Destructive knowledge is indeed dangerous to humanity at large. It’s the one that triggers division and enmity among people. Destructive knowledge facilitates fallacy fear that hinders people from seeking greatness from withing. It’s the same destructive knowledge that make some individuals pull others down instead of offering a helping hand. 

The two kinds of knowledge are the ones that lately define how one’s future shall be. The source of constructive knowledge is everyone’s inner feeling. It’s the inner feeling that guide and direct us to constructive knowledge. It’s upon everyone at an individual level to listen to the whispering voice within him/herself. No matter how many voices one can hear, the voice of constructive knowledge shall always be unique and it’s uniqueness is the urge for humanity. 

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