It was a chilly morning and somehow rainy. He prepared himself for work, already he was at least three hours late. He couldn’t understand what exactly happened that led him to oversleep. He was indeed confused because he had no idea on how he was going to convince his boss. He jumped into his car and took off in a higher speed. He sometimes arrives late at work but that particular day, he was very late. This gentleman was an employee of one of the most successful companies within his region. His company chose to have a volunteer cleaning day. It always gathered it’s employees and any other willing outsider for a generous cleaning of public institutions and streets. The company did that at least once per month. The company purchased several trucks for the purpose of gabbage collection during those particular days. Indeed it was a successful activity. The man was one of the committee members who were responsible in every arrangement concerning the cleaning activity. The company owner through the CEO, decided to make the exercise mandatory. He once suggested that the cleaning exercise should be done twice per month instead of once. Due to the company’s tight schedule, his suggestions were declined. It was obvious that he was really interested in helping the community. 

On his way to work, he was forced to stop by a gabbage collector who blocked the way by packing his truck on the road. He was indeed angry such that he decided to get out of the car and give that particular gabbage collector a piece of his mind. 

The man: Hey gabbage collector! How dare you pack your truck this way? Aren’t you aware that this is a public road and there a rules that need to be followed? Can you answer me right away as you’ll be on your way to remove that scrap of your on the road! For the sake of introduction, I work at an extremely successful company. The company over there, right at the opposite of that big mango tree over there! I do have a managerial position in that company!

The gabbage collector: I’m so sorry sir, as you can see there’s no enough space for packing. Have you just told me that you work with the company right opposite that big mango tree? You’re already late, aren’t you afraid of loosing your job? If I were you, I would have stopped wasting time and rush to work. 

The man: How dare you tell me what to do. What do you know about decent jobs. You only have experience in gabbage collection, by the way you really look smart on that pile of gabbage. 

Gabbage collector: excuse me sir, but the company you work for do clean this town once per month. Are you aware of that sir? 

The man: why not? I’m aware of that. Have you ever spotted me on the pile of baggage just like you’re right now? Over my dead body will I ever do such a thing. Can you clear the way because I’m tired of talking to a low class like you. I can help you secure a job at the company. Actually, I don’t accept bribes rather I do ask for gifts from those interested in securing a job. Unfortunately you seem to have absolutely nothing to offer nkt!

Gabbage collector: so you’re not only rude but also corrupt? Just get into your car, pack all your belongings and leave the office. You’re fired!!

The man: (slapping the gabbage collector) have you said something like “you’re fired!!” Uuuh. You’re out of your mind. 

The gabbage collector was really surprised, he wondered what kind of employees did his company had. He never expected such a thing from any of his employees. He immediately called the CEO commanding him to sack that particular gentleman. The man couldn’t believe it after learning that he insulted the owner of the company. He immediately rushed back to where the ‘gabbage collector’ was, but he couldn’t find him. He went to his home but he couldn’t gain access since he was unexpected visitor. He never gave up, he decided to visit the gabbage site daily. He did that for a whole month and the ‘gabbage collector’ never showed up. The man was severely depressed and as a result he lost his memory completely. He stayed at the gabbage site days and nights. 

The ‘gabbage collector’ travelled out of the country for the duration of four years. After getting back home, he resumed his volunteer work. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he found his former employee on the pile of gabbage. Finally, the dream of that particular gentleman of seeing his boss came to reality. He embraced him tightly and indeed joyfully. The presence of his boss was the only cure of his madness. Just after seeing him and embracing him, he recalled what happened four years ago and indeed he wept bitterly. It was indeed a sad moment for the boss. He had a forgiving spirit and he couldn’t hold any grudge on his former employee. 

The company owner: I was preparing to protect myself from you. I never expected an embrace from you.

The man: I’m indeed guilty, I never meant to insult you; I just got carried away by my egos. On my way to the office I was already guilty and I was planning to apologise but unfortunately things got worse after learning that you’re the owner of the company. Can you please find a place in your heart and forgive me. 

The company owner: you’re already forgiven. It’s just so sad learning that you had to suffer for four years just because of failing to control your egos. At long last you learned a life span lesson. Never mistreat anyone whether it’s your inferior, equal or superior. I do oversee the company’s operations from my home office. I have your working records and I’ll give you a second chance. I’ll give you an opportunity of being my secretary. You’ll be working with me at my home office. 

It was indeed a great day for that particular gentleman. He wasn’t really going to be a secretary, he was granted untitled assistant position. On end month he couldn’t believe what he saw on his payroll. His salary was multiplied by ten. 

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