Who’s territory are you? Do you have powers within yourself? How just are you when it comes to other’s reputations? 

When it comes to bearing the consequences of poor decision making, as per human nature majority of individuals do point a blaming finger towards someone else. Unlike when there’s a success. Again majority chooses to ignore everyone that took part in whatever they were doing. This depicts that to some, it’s easier to associate others with their failures than doing so when it comes to success. This is what trigger enmity of course from warmongers and sincere haters. 

Our conducts will always determine how friendly we are with everyone around. We are the territory of ourselves, when it comes to territory; even a slight mistake can set all eyes on you. It’s obvious that at least everyone has seen a failed government. Leaders moving from one scandal to another, inciting each other like no one’s business. Huge amounts of public funds ending up in individual’s pockets. Public servants blaming each other over simple  things. Who’s in charge over that “territory”? It’s the president or the ruler of course.  That’s an example of a failed. “territory”. 

To your own territory, you’re the ruler. Your entire life depends on you. Indeed everyone has a power from within. Of course with the guidance and the direction offered by the inner voice within ourselves, wise decision making is very possible. That whispering voice within you is the most important thing when it comes to ruling your own life, unlike governments and kingdoms where’s advisors plays a major role in helping the presidents and rulers to think right. Ignoring that particular voice will make you not realize the power within yourself. That’s something that can’t be installed in you, it just get awaken; because it’s already within you. That is your right hand tool in your life’s ruling. 

Obviously no one can be good to everyone else, but wise and sincere decisions never place someone in a stranded situation. As a ruler of your life, being sincere to others will always make everything easier for you. The crumble of one’s ruling starts when there’s dishonest all over the face. When freedom of right decision making is no longer available. All these are brought by insincerity. 

When it comes to relations, insincerity is the most dangerous thing. Insincerity triggers revenge. Revenge is something that never end well. It’s the deadly poison that result into destruction motives. Majority of individuals are blinded by “secrecy” such that they fail to realize that whatever happens to them, in one way or the other must be as a result of some of the decisions they made previously. The belief that their secrects can’t be revealed by anyone, makes them do more harm with a belief that by hiding their insincerity, they’ll always be on a safe side. What happens when the secrets are revealed? Obviously, revenge becomes a quick option for many.  Revenge being a weapon of destruction, without being stopped; it can crumble millions of lives if not billions. How? Revenge do spread gradually and when the situation is left unsolved, it keep spreading. It’s origin is just a single individual. Even if the decision was made by a group of people, still there is that particular person who proposed it to the rest. That’s being a ruler of your life, rule well and ensure that there’s a positive “public relations” with other “territories” because that is what shall erase the “boarders” and stop any kind of destruction. 

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