From day one everything was fine. The journey which was to take about 75 days eventually begun. Everything was soo perfect. The beholder regulated the meals. Any substance which could have interrupted the maturity circle was put off. As the days moved on, actually they gained hopes of moving to the other side. 

It was and it have always be clear that survival is for the fittest. They were actually infinite, among the million plus, only one of them was needed. Am sure they always prepared themselves regularly. Who knows maybe there is one of them who was seem to be the likely winner of the race. If that wasn’t the case, maybe each of them conceded him/herself a winner. There are those who were referred to as the fastest runners. The rest were referred to as the slowest but long lasting. It’s clear that predicting who would have emerged to be the winner, was impossible. 

The final day actually approached. Am pretty sure that they were extremely delighted. They set themselves ready, of course they gained patie since it seemed that they were a bit delayed. They knew it was indeed exact time  for them to be thrown to the lane. They could feel the effections of whatever was going on as the preparation of blowing the whistle. It took atleast 4 hours. Finally they were thrown outside, and the whistle was blown. Oooh! indeed it was a fastest race. The winner was to be promoted.

Thay ran soo fast, at long last the fastest one reached the ending point. Lol! There was nothing, above all everything was different. They begun wondering what was the meaning of all that. They questioned one another tirelessly. The winner was destined to mingle with the counterpart. The environment seemed to be deserted. Above all, it was abit muddy.  “Were we thrown to the wrong path?” That is the question which was popular. What made them suspect that they were at the wrong destination, was the realisation of existence of their colleagues just near to where they were. As they were wondering, they saw something coming closer to them. They were not in a position to tell exactly what it was. It moved upto where they were, it never stopped at that point. It begun to push them away, they thought maybe they were been sent back to the starting point so as to trace the right path. Everyone  was Eger to be the winner and mingle with the ova in case of availability of a second chance. All wasn’t well, they stopped dreaming after being dumped into the muddy well. Lol! The temperature was unbearable. It was clear to them that they were shown a wrong path. After sometime they were unable to survive and eventually they died. It was soo sad but it was just meant to be. 



We all dream of having sincere partners. What I can say is that such partners are extremely few if any. When you take your time and actually study the behaviour of your partner, for sure you’ll know exactly what kind of a partner he/she is. There are various habits which are common to all good partners.

When you have a good partner you’ll not have to fake yourself. A good partner will always accept you the way you’re. Whether dark or light in complexion, slim or fat, illiterate or literate, rich or poor etc. Now days it’s common to see people claiming to be true partners actually asking each other  interview-like questions. It’s indeed necessary to get prepared upstairs before attempting to seduce anyone now days. Some of the funny questions which are common currently are:- have you ever been in a relationship? . If yes, tell me what happened. Why do you think I should ignore  everyone else and just accept you to be my partner? I hate everyone whose physical appearance is like yours, what are you planning to do about it?  Can you practically prove to me that you can truly support me in every situation? What are some of your goals in a relationship? You can’t be reliable, prove me wrong. Lol! such conversation is sophisticated. Am sure even a truly sincere person will be locked out and only smart headed one will be successful. Such questions can never be asked by a sincere person. 

A good partner always take risks for the other’s sake. They actually forgets their own security. Such people are ready to lose everything if that is the only way. There are situations whereby everyone runs aways. Maybe it’s a situation whereby  there are all possibilities that nothing can be done. Only those who are sincere can take risks. 

A good partner always defends the other. We are on a planet whereas everyone judges the other without sufficient proofs. There are those who always talks ill about others. They condemn, mock and harass others. Such circumstances requires sincerity. A good partner will always defend you no matter what. Even when you’re being stoned, that particular person will defend you.

No relationship can be strong with absence of love. Love is everything when it comes to relationships. True love can never be hidden. It’s like a cough, one can pretend but not forever. Those who are in love, don’t get upset soo easily. Only good partners can show true love. Those who are after personal gain always runs away when things gets tough. Though they can’t be blamed because it’s their nature. When they’re convinced that storms are over, that’s when they’ll ‘truly’ express their love. They’ll try to make you forget all your past. Good partners never seek a second chance because their love is unconditionally. There is nothing like commercial break in love. Love is suppose to be continually. A person who promises his/her partner that there’ll be no love till curtain things happens, he/she is not a good partner. 

Man is to error, no one is perfect on this world. Even those who are considered to be spiritual, at some point they do make mistakes. Though some mistakes are unforgivable, good partners rents forgiveness deep in their hearts. They have ability of distinguishing forgivable and unforgivable acts. 


Everything was fine from the beginning. I always received lovely text messages. The messages always carried away my feelings. They made me feel am incomplete because of my single status. I can’t remember any day which ended without an extraordinary long phone call from my love to be by then. He promised to actually bring the entire world near me. I never hesitated counting myself lucky. We actually kept on chatting for quite sometime before we agreed to actually meet in person. Of course I already knew how his physical appearance was. Indeed he was a tall, muscled ,handsome man. His teeth were well packed. He had a sexy lips of course kissable ones. His eyes were very clear and  abit sleepy . He had a smooth skin , generally he was a good looking man off course indeed tidy. The date on which we were to meet finally arrived. I cleaned myself in and out as usual. I chose my best outfit and within few minutes, I was ready to leave. The gentleman was still single as well therefore, I may be right when I say that no one was   cheating on  someone else. 

I arrived at his home some few hours past evening. I was welcomed soo nicely. Oooh! It was too difficult to actually control our feelings but at least we managed to do so. His refrigerator was full of drinks therefore we begun taking some few sips if not many at last. After that ,he stormed in the kitchen to prepare some food. To be honest he was soo kind. Above all, I got carried away by his handsomeness. I never stopped imagining when I’ll leave the dinning room and surrender on bed for ‘sleep’. Finally the meal was ready, ooh! I never knew when he learned about my favourite meals. Our romances begun at that point. He was very good indeed in terms of romances. One could have thought that ,maybe he underwent some schooling. Maybe , who knows anyway. I was too ‘sleepy’ therefore we headed to his bedroom. It was a squire, carpeted, tidy room. 

We spent hours talking off course romantically. Yeah , we did alot of romances and I felt that I was actually on the top of the world. I can’t tell for how long we romanced. I got bored, I wanted something new. Confidently I was asked never to get worried about anything. I assumed that, the  machine gun was being loaded with some bullets…lol. I decided to do my estimations of the gun hahaha that’s normal anyway. I couldn’t believe what I realized. Mmh! Up to date I believes that indeed someone chopped it away and replaced it with a small finger. Ooh! It was unfortunately. Maybe I payed a date to my fellow goalkeeper.


HIV/AIDS is a common infection whose existence is known by almost everyone on earth. Most people are always afraid of talking about it or actually reading any article concerning it. Something which is reality can’t be avoided. Talking about it , is the only solution which can maybe minimize it’s spreading.

When it comes to knowledge concerning how HIV is spread, a good number of people fails terrible. Now days I always feels delighted when I actually hear people saying the right thing about HIV/AIDS. Of course sometimes back some people used to visit witches ,hoping maybe something could be done about their statutes. Some were  made to believe that ,having sexual intercourse with a virgin girl would have cured HIV/AIDS . Some died on pulpits while praying. They believed that HIV is a curse from their god(s). Obviously it’s not, if that was the case then they would have been cured. Their god(s) remained silent. It took some time for people to be fully aware of it’s existence. Currently , patients attends medical checkups and takes medicines . 

There are several ways of contacting HIV/AIDS. The most popular one is sexual intercourse. I believe 95+% of all infections are as a result of sex. Not just sex but unprotected sexual intercourse. It’s well known that most people don’t prefer using protection during sex. It’s believed unprotected sex is more pleasurable than protected one. Therefore , most individuals tends to avoid the use of protection. By using a protection, the partners prevents the spread of HIV/AIDS and other STIs. There are male and female condoms .Dear same sex individuals , there are lubes and lubricants . don’t risk using some funny fluids which brings severe infections .

The other way of HIV contraction is mother to child . It’s very pleasant that , nowadays this can be prevented.  It’s indeed a great achievement to see that , an infected mother can give birth to uninfected child.

Sharing of sharp objects is also a way of HIV/AIDS. Most people looks at the physical appearances of others and pass judgements. That’s why you’ll find people sharing nail cutters, razors, syringes etc. Such objects are suppose to be personal. Sharing actually exposes the users to HIV/AIDS infections. 

Of course when someone contacts HIV/AIDS , it’s like reaching a point of no return. Those individuals get stressed soo easily. They actually loses hopes in life and they feels that they’re abnormal. Lack of courage and self confidence leads to isolation. Some resigns from their jobs , some quits learning, some ends their marriages and some commits suicide. In most cases such actions are caused by those who stigmatizes those patients. They get stigmatized in various places. At working place some gets demoted, in religious venues some are named ‘unholy’ etc. Instead of being encouraged , these particular individuals gets stressed up. It’s upon us to show support to HIV/AIDS infected people. They needs our love and care. They needs to hear words of encouragements from us. As much as we will keep on claiming and reciting that we truly follows the light , and we are ready in securing survival of ongoing human species. We need to identify those who truly needs our support. We should fight against stigmatisation at all cost. As the new age approaches, I’m hopefully that stigma will be a history. This is the time to end stigma.

THERE IS A PURPOSE!AphHULu650s_dbU-ygwzgXoLJ4M  That is the main  message in my document I’ve shared it’s link. A lot of things happens to our lives continuously. Some people finds themselves in situations which they can’t run away from. Such situations only needs acceptance and understanding for them to be handled. Patience is also extremely important because some solutions comes after a number of years. A child who is in an orphanage will require patience for him/her to be reached by an adopting mercy or to be able to care for him/herself.  Those in jail especially falsely accused ones, requires more patience when serving their sentences. They might wake up one day and get a surprise of change in court decisions or get a presidential pardon. 
We should always be ready to help others who are in difficult situations. Helping doesn’t mean financially alone. When you tell someone the right thing to do , definitely you’ve helped. When you encourage your colleague to move in any positive thing ,that’s helping. You may have nothing in your pockets to give a beggar who tearfully narrates to you how much problems he/she has , but by giving that particular individual some hopes of making it in life , you’ve helped though not financially but mentally. You may meet someone who is discouraged and extremely stressed, when you comfort that particular person  you’ve helped. Again doing something with expectations of getting returns , that is not helping. That is taking advantage of someone’s situations. Those who helps , don’t expect anything in return. That is the spirit we all need to have. Especially light followers, when protecting mankind we need to expect nothing in return. 


Most people tries to figure out who are scammers. A scammer is anyone who misleads others so as to get material things from them. We encounter scammers daily in our lives. When someone asks you to give out some money so as to get a job instead of applying , you  don’t get the job after giving out the money .it’s simple , you’re scammed. Scamming is different from Bribing . Whet it comes to bribery, you give out money and you get whatever wasn’t meant for you or you achieve something without following the correct procedure. Both are criminal acts and the individuals who engages in such activities ,needs to face the table of justice. 

All in all scammers needs people to scam. It’s always upon every individual to be extremely cautious. Everyone should always do the right thing, especially those who involves themselves with bribery. Nothing comes easily, we need to work hard and get what is rightfully ours. It’s obvious that everyone wishes to be on top . I believes that there is no one who feels comfortable holding a position which he/she  got after bribing someone else. Those who are chosen because of their merits actually are the happiest people. We need to say no to bribery. The same applies to scammers, no matter how rich they becomes as a result of scamming . They’ll always feel guilt beyond the shadow of doubt. 

Sometimes back I personally encountered two scammers. Of course in one of my social media account. The first asked me if I was read to joing the illuminati . He told me that I just needed to purchase some few items which will be used during my initiation . The gentleman mentioned things which I feel they don’t exist on earth. I was assured that everything would be well because they purchase the items on behalf of initiates. What I was to do was simply ,just sending some money to him so that he may do some arrangements for my initiation. After two to three days another person asked me the same issue of illuminati but he came up with a different story. He told me everything is free except the filling forms. I must buy a form which will be used when signing an oath. I asked myself ,how comes two people with different stories concerning the same organization. I found it necessary to visit the official Illuminati website   and do some research. The official Illuminati website clearly indicated that , there is no membership fee and they don’t accept any kind of donation.The two gentlemen were scammers . Scammers can do anything just to get your money. You all need to be watchful and cautious. 


These are organs which plays important roles to our lives. Our day to day activities are fully supported by these body organs. An absence of one of them tends to be some kind of difficulty ,when it comes to our activities. The absence breaks the bond between the organs though not fully. Of course there are more other organs but I found it necessary to emphasise on these few.

The eye gives us sight.I believe everyone knows how difficulty it is to have no sight. Walking but not knowing what is ahead. Talking to people but you have no clue on how they look.mmh You can’t love things, of course you love what you see . The challenge comes to those with the organ. How do people make use of it on daily basis.  Those who uses their eyes in praying  and dividing others.  that is not proper utility. There is need for us to awaken our third eyes for better sight. We can not awaken our third eyes if we make darkness to be our permanent homes, we need to keep on following the light . We need to work towards unificatio. We can be unified when we keep aside all our differences. Division causes wars and poverty. Joining hands together is the important step in making our world a better place for each one of us.

We do hear alot of things. some pleasing ,some distracting and some confusing. What we believe is what moulds us. Someone can whisper to you are you not aware that you are less important. No matter how hard you work , you can’t go anywhere. Success wasn’t meant for people like you.Why don’t you think about saving your time and accept  that you’re a failure. You talk about unification, It is written in the bible that a brother will turn against his own brother. Don’t you believe in the word of God? After listening to such words ,most people tends to doubt themselves. Most people even tends to forget how long they’ve been working hard ,just because someone else questioned them. When someone calls you a failure , it’s evident that he/she already failed. When someone tells you that you’re wasting your time in whatever you’re doing, it’s evidently that particular person is doing soo . he/she fails to face the reality that , not everyone mark times. How can  we avoid such negativities? We need to listed to right people. People who will identify our mistakes and guide us appropriately. People who will not divert us away from the path of the light , but instead they’ll guide us . Am talking about people who can encourage us, without any fear of whom we can be in future. Don’t spent your time listening to people who can’t encourage you or guide you correctly due to fear that their might lose you when you become successful. Successful people will always guide and encourage you . personally I do listen to words of encouragements and guidance at  I believe that we can’t do everything on our own without some guidance and encouragements. 

After listening from positive people, there is need for us to talk positively.  Let words from our mouths bring changes to our beloved planet. We should always be apologetic whenever we go wrong. Hate speeches always lowers down our dignities. Disrespecting others is like asking them not to respect us. Let us work towards securing the survival of ongoing human species together.


Every individual passes through hard times. When some are experiencing relationship instabilities ,others  are celebrating their long term relationships. When some are moving from one hospital to another , others are celebrating their long term relationships . To some people natural calamities are order of the day. When it’s a dry season they lose  their beloved ones due to anger. When it sounds like falling of  blessings from the sky , the same people still perish due to floods. They watch their homes, children, cattle being carried away by floods. They asks themselves soo much questions . They try to figure out where they actually went wrong. They tends to believe that they were born to suffer. Their eyes are always wet . 

“hardships exist to harden the armor surrounding you soul” – Illuminatiam. It doesn’t matter how hard your life is. You were not born by accident. Even those who conceives without their wish ,that is not an accident. Hardships are just preparation strategies of your future. Even those who are rich and powerful, at some point down the line they also experienced hardships and still they do experience . What makes them seem to be different from the rest is the efforts they make day by day .Every human being is equal to one another .  Weep off your tears and start moving on. Don’t focus on your past, focus on your future. Follow the light nonstop. In the light you will always be safe because the light will always direct you. Never be worried by your current situations, always rejoice because they’re just temporary .


‘Thirsty of power’ is a term which is nolonger unique especially in politics. 90% of politicians do whatever they can to just remain in power. It’s nolonger amazing when someone who is opposed by more than 70% of voters , actually emerges to be a winner. Of course questions arises concerning who voted to that particular person. It’s no longer amazing to see a person who was chased away by voters of a given region getting 90% of total casted votes at that particular region. It’s no longer amazing when a constitution is changed so as to allow  the outgoing leaders remain in power.In short those individuals who are thirst of power do whatever they feel like. Most leaders automatically win elections after party nominations. What does this mean, it mean that for someone to win an election he/she must belong to a popular political party at the given region .It’s easy to loose an election. One just  need to correct his/her party leader, that’s all.The entire world is suffering because of thirsty of power.It’s clear that , the gap betwen rich people and poor people is widening day by day. What will happen to democracy of most countries in the coming years? Are most countries using wrong forms of governments? The answers can be yes or no.The best form of government which personally I’ll always recommend is the one in which everyone is allocated to the field where he/she is best at.Every politician is verified by his/her party after serious scrutiny and careful considerations. The issues of godfathers ,bribery e.t.c. are not welcomed.Everyone has equal possibilities of occupying any office soo long he/she qualifies. Am talking about meritocracy. When we are working towards securing the survival of ongoing human species, it’ll be better if we spread some light to our leaders who govern our countries at large. We should also keep on spreading the light to our religious leaders as well. When there is no unification , nothing constructive can be achieved. Leaders need to work together so as to deliver services to their citizens accordingly. When it comes to laws ,no one should be seen to be above the law. if someone who steals a single  banana can be jailed for years ,then the same thing should happened to any politician who is found guilty of looting public funds. Jails should also accommodate rich people  not only poor . When majority of citizens disagrees on something, politicians automatically goes against the oath of office when they do it forcefully. If it’s very necessary ,then the citizens needs to be well educated about the same. Despite of education ,if they maintain their opposition then leaders should always consider another alternative. Different countries have got different oaths of office, but all of them at least commits the leaders to delivery of services to the citizens. This is not the case when it comes to human rights anyway. Most people are cultural  and religious oriented, they discriminates other’s rights in the name of preserving culture or following religious doctrines. This is the time our leaders are suppose to stand firm.They should never consider the opinions of citizens in preserving human rights.The reason as to why I’m saying this is due to the fact that  LGBT community is always a passport to rejection, discrimination, isolation e.t.c. Most leaders joins their citizens who discriminates LGBT . My question is , don’t LGBT’s have any importance to any country? Don’t they vote ? .It is always very disappointing to see leaders valuing their supporters and fans than humanity. It’s better to just have a handful of supporters or fans who actually have interests in humanity and protection of mankind than to have thousands and millions of fans who discriminating behaviours are always the order of the day to them.Everyone has rights, LGBT deserves to be given their rights. It sounds frightening when leaders ignores LGBT rights debate. I urge everyone to keep in mind that everyone was born, everyone deserve good treatments, everyone has the ability of joing any professional and religion. Let us all love one another, Above all I urge everyone to start focusing on securing the survival of ongoing human species. Let protection of mankind be at our finger tips always.


Ooh my dress my choice, I still remember like it was yesterday. Soo many ugly incidents kept on happening to our beloved sisters and mothers who dressed as per their likes. Up to now some people still embarrass and harasses our females. Some have been forced to strip naked because some people feels that they are dressed poorly and immorally.  Some even have been falling victims of sexual harassments. Those incidents don’t happen to ladies alone, even men suffers. There are those who are still in 18century in terms of lifestyle. Every modern thing is immoral to them. Boys and men no longer put on baggy clothes and if they are baggy then they’re heavily fashioned. Same applies to our beloved ladies. Now it’s normal to see someone’s cleavages mmh it’s no longer an issue when you see a lady terrible vibrating at  her behinds while walking. Meeting a man with sagged trouser is no longer an issue . Some men really do alot so as to be smart and attractive. Those who dislike smart fellows , always criticise them . I don’t feel announced or disappointed when I see my friend  looking at me with sleeping eyes.That’s him ,I have my own.  We’re on a free world . What matters in unification and securing of ongoing survival of human species. Love is unconditionally , before meeting someone of your type, there is need for you to be original. Do what you like and not what others likes. Soo long as you remain loyal to yourself and the light , don’t mind what others will say about you. I’m always great full to some of my friends who have never questioned me concerning my orientation e.t.c. Although they are aware that we don’t belong to the same group , they’ve never bothered to question me. Even those who talks in parables during my presence, I still honour them because it shows that they’re humble and full of self-esteem.We can’t ran away from the fact that some of us we’re extremely annoying to our straight brothers 😂😂😂😂😂. We are sorry brothers , it’s just a reality and we welcome you as well 😘😘.You don’t need to worry about your girlfriends, we can watch them bathing and still remain cool and relaxed. You’re the problem, your girlfriends are the ones who needs to protect you like no any other day before. Although the issue of fashion can be debated over and over again.When it comes to occupations , there is no room for invalid advisors. Everyone puts on what their employees likes. When an order from above reaches you , commanding you to take off your pullover mmh you’ll have no choice. Every organization have got it’s unique rules of etiquettes. Some organisations discourages body fit clothes and extremely Short skirts and dresses. That is applicable, since employees are there to be seen not to be heard.Following instructions is a key thing in employment. Order can never be fully observed ,without regulations. No matter how superior someone is at home and in streets,when it comes to employment the person must follow orders. Flawlessness is always applicable only outside employment circle. The etiquettes assists in ensuring that every individual remains focused on his/her obligations. For organisational goals to be achieved, high standard of concentration is required. That’s why there are etiquettes in every organisation. The etiquettes are based on the nature of the business. Of course the etiquettes of bars,restaurants , banks ,airports , clerical jobs at large can never be hundred percent the same. The important thing is that, everyone follows the etiquettes of his/her field. But when it comes to street side ‘my dress my choice’ .Don’t get mad when you see a president or a first lady in her pants along sea show. The etiquettes are only linked to office work not someone’s personal life.