As much as the truth is concerned, we can’t avoid making choices in our lives. I don’t believe there is anything that can happen accidentally. In most cases whatever happens in our lives is directly attached to some of the choices we made before. Sometimes things do happen and they’re seemingly accidental but in real sense the choices we made are the main cause. Obviously under human parameters we can always defend ourselves and at least convince ourselves and others that indeed it was an accident. 

Good choices – Making choices is one of the most difficult thing to human beings. Again it’s each and everyone’s responsibility. Obviously good choices are made by those who are focused, intelligent, future oriented, sober minded and full of humility etc. Everyone on earth is intelligent and can focus. Though some people are afraid of making choices and they don’t make any. The act of not making a choice already is a choice of not making a choice. Good choices always leads us to our greatness. Again making a good choices isn’t a real problem, the real problem is how strong we are in achieving whatever we are working for. 

It’s clear that something worthy and extremely precious can never be easily achieved. Those who made good choices are always insulted, mocked, given a limit by those who of course made wrong choice or decided not to make any. Remaining focused is very hard under the distructions of such toxic individuals. Overcoming them requires a high level of knowledge and wisdom. Some will always try giving you thousands of reasons as to why you won’t succeed. An intelligent person will always disregard all those thousands of reasons with just a single reason which is obviously a self confidence. 

Things obviously gets complicated along the way. Sometimes one can even tend to confirm if indeed he/she made a good choice. Only focused individuals will always have the ability of moving forward even when success is seemingly impossible. Bearing in mind that nothing is impossible, an intelligent and focused individual will never give up because of hardship or other people’s negative thoughts.

Poor choices – Obviously those who make poor choices normally have their own reasons. Though I think majority of people in one way or the other make poor choices, only very few are bold enough to face the consequences of good choices. 

Impatience is one of the major factor which contributes to poor choice making. Everyone on earth desires great fortunes but most people don’t feel like doing what it takes to have them. People’s impatience actually gives other irresponsible individuals an opportunity of misdirecting them. That’s how most individuals ends up on wrong paths. Someone who is impatient and greedy, given an information concerning how he/she can make great fortunes without even a single drop of sweats will always fall into the trap. 

Most people always give themselves in just easily, they convince themselves that they must try and see if it truly works and in the process of ‘trying’ they eventually realizes that they truly need to work for everything they desire. Obviously poor choices will always waste one’s time, energy and materials before eventually letting them realize that they were truly moving but their destinations  were suppose to be the exact points where they made their first steps. Not only finding themselves where they were initially, they’ll as well experience some losses. The time and materials they spent obviously can’t be recovered. 



Time is a major factor in our lives. It helps in bringing order on earth, everything on earth is easily scheduled with the help of time. Time is something that can never be changed, even the most superior individuals can’t alter it. Even kings and presidents can’t do anything. We see presidents seeking extra terms in office claiming that there was plenty to be done within the specified limited time. We’ve seen presidents delegating almost all their obligations because of old age and desire to remain in power till their last breath.  

This brings me to my question, “how do you spend your time?” We always have plenty of things to do but in most cases limited time is a major barrier. When I see people spending more than 5 hours daily just enjoying themselves I wonder if they perform their daily obligations much faster or they don’t do them at all. This reminds me something very important. We all have different daily obligations and a range of working speed. Some spends very little time allocated for a given obligation while others even seek an extra time just to complete the same obligation. It’ll be unfair to label those who spend almost their entire day on leisure activities as irresponsible individuals. They’re the ones who knows when and how faster they perform their duties.

Every day in our lives is a point of no return. Every break we take everyday is an adjournment of a session of point of no return. Most individuals hates running out of time including myself. I always feel good when I complete whatever I’m doing in time. At least I assure myself that tomorrow is another day and I should get prepared to face it. Every hours, minutes and even seconds are equally important in our lives. Something which was suppose to take a year can be completed at the very last hour, minute or even seconds mmh. 

A time will reach when some people will be like ” it’s as if I knew how important time was, lol I will be regretting now if at all I wouldn’t have observed time.” While others will be like ” Oooh fuck me! I wish I knew.” Obviously it’ll be too late because no one can reverse the time spent. The only thing which can be done is, spending the time allocated for other things just to try completing whatever was left incomplete. As we work towards securing survival of ongoing human species, we must always be responsible in keeping time. Finding and following the invisible guide which will definitely lead us to joy, success and abundance lives will enable us do whatever we are suppose to do that of course will contribute to protection of mankind.


Peer pressure is a chronic situation to all human beings regardless of age, race, gender etc. It’s something that can’t be avoided. We experience it on our daily basis, it’s part of us. The good thing is that, it can be controlled so easily. There is no reason good enough for someone to point a blaming finger towards others concerning controllable situation. We leave by it as well as controlling it.

Being at the midst of people of different beliefs, cultures etc, the level of peer pressure is terribly alarming. Most people end up doing things which they can’t even explain their meanings just because their friends are doing them. I’ll give out just few measures to take so as to avoid falling a victim of a peer pressure.

  • Living your own life. There is no gain to those who end up trying to live like other people they admire. Such a fallacy mimic is what makes some people end up committing suicide. Everyone has his/her own unique expenditure. There are those who can afford buying expensive drinks daily, expensive houses, expensive cars etc. They have all these but their pockets never complain because their inlets are much bigger than their outlets. Everyone can imagine what happens to those who tend to spend more than what they earn. Obviously apart from depression, unlimited loans from all conners keeps haunting them day and night. Having a lifestyle which suits your financial stability is one of the important aspects of controlling peer pressure
  • Showing off. For those who can afford everything, showing off, falls under pride. But for those who have nothing but still pretends to have something to show off, it’s stupidity. All these are as a result of peer pressure. Because those around you keeps on flaunting everything they have, even their inner wear, doesn’t mean that you should do the same. People do everything with reasons best known to them only. Someone might be busy exposing his/her nudes in social media and someone else think that it’s the new trend, realising later that it was a body advertisement. People don’t speak everything about themselves, therefore doing what friends are doing for the sake of pleasing them can make someone look like a fool. Above all before even doing things because others are doing them, the question arises, ” Can you afford doing whatever they’re doing?”  
  • Real friends.  Having plenty of friends is not bad at all, infact it helps in refreshing our minds. The challenge comes in determining what kind of friends we hang around with. Do they help us in improving ourselves or they are just there to pressurise us to do things which are beyond our abilities.  Do they avail themselves only when we have something to offer and run away during our hard times? Those are some of the things everyone needs to figure out before been tempted to think that someone somewhere loves him/her. With bad friends, controlling peer pressure is extremely hard. They’ll always laugh at you  in case you do things differently and they’ll always try to make you sound odd one out. Being odd one out is exactly what will enable you control peer pressure. We all need to hang around people who will just appreciate us the way we are, I’m talking about individuals who will not try to make us do whatever they do. 


john mwalwala

In one way or the other, we have at some point found ourselves at the midst of confusion and worthlessness . It’s normal when one fails to please everyone, but it’s seemingly abnormal when almost everyone is against a particular person or group. That sense of abnormality is the real burden of self acceptance. Those who hates whatever you’re doing and whom truly you’re, will always try to make you feel abnormal. Your sexual orientation is non of their business but they tend to act as if they’re directly involved. Trans/homophobic is something which is truly wastage of time. On earth we can’t do everything similarly. We can’t love same things, same people etc. The only thing we can successfully do is accepting others the way they are.

  • PEACE. This is one of the core elements of making our world a better place for all. It’s indeed sorrowful when people…

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In one way or the other, we have at some point found ourselves at the midst of confusion and worthlessness . It’s normal when one fails to please everyone, but it’s seemingly abnormal when almost everyone is against a particular person or group. That sense of abnormality is the real burden of self acceptance. Those who hates whatever you’re doing and whom truly you’re, will always try to make you feel abnormal. Your sexual orientation is non of their business but they tend to act as if they’re directly involved. Trans/homophobic is something which is truly wastage of time. On earth we can’t do everything similarly. We can’t love same things, same people etc. The only thing we can successfully do is accepting others the way they are. 

  • PEACE. This is one of the core elements of making our world a better place for all. It’s indeed sorrowful when people are not living peaceful lives by choice. Peace is something that can never be achieved if everyone will keep on forcing one another to like what he/she likes or do what he/she does. Peace will be obtained when everyone free to do anything so long as it’s not violating anyone’s rights. As much as humanity is concerned, we all have roles to play. Not interfering other people’s private issues which of course have nothing to do with violation of human rights, is a universal role which needs to be practiced by everyone.  Straight people should enjoy being straight and LGBTs should also be granted an opportunity of freely enjoying themselves. 
  • UNITY. Joining hands together will greatly enable us to make our beautiful world a better place for everyone. Being united simply mean that no one will consider his/her difference as a barrier which will hinder him/her in working together with others. People of all genders, sexual orientation, race, religions and educational backgrounds will have to bury their differences in order to have united planet. The most important thing is that, LGBT community needs to be considered as part of this unity. 

  • LOVE. Love your neighbors as you love yourself.  All religions talks about love. They encourage their followers to love one another. Though there are those who don’t belong to any religion but I still that they do hear people talking about it. Having knowledge of what love is, it’s extremely bad when some people decides to only love those who does what they like. A sincere love is unconditionally expressed. It has no special requirements to attain. Those who loves others the way they are, they are the only ones who knows the real meaning of unconditional love.  

      By observing these three important aspects of life, at least everyone will be free from humiliations, insults, isolation, mockery, rejection etc. The world requires order, being the most intelligent creatures on earth, it’s our obligation to bring order on earth. We desperately need to maintain peace, love and unity in order to make our beautiful world a better place for all creatures. By fighting to bring order on earth we will be honouring all those who did it before us, unfortunately they couldn’t live long enough to keep walking with us. All in all, LGBT community needs recognition and decrimilization all over the world.


      “The Illuminati” is a term which isn’t new to anyone. Individuals of all age groups knows it, it’s indeed a universal organization. Having being hearing plenty of rumours concerning it, I found it necessary to visit their website. Everything is clearly written on their official website. It believe that, it’s high time for everyone to gasp the correct information instead of useless rumours which have been more often spread by those whom I can personally say that they just hate the organization. If they don’t hate, then obviously they do have their own selfish desires. 

      • Human sacrifice Most people believes that, the Illuminati performs some deadly rituals. They associate the organization with all kinds of blood shed. This rumor wasn’t left unanswered. The website is very clear concerning this. It’s clearly stated that, the organization does not conduct any kind of sacrificing. It’s main obligation is to secure the survival of ongoing human species, not to destroy it. 
      • Membership fee. In all social media platforms, there are plenty of individuals who are there just to scam others. They do have extremely sweet words which are their traps of catching their preys. They normally promise people an overnight riches. Such promises makes it possible for individuals of all levels of educations to get dip into their pockets and send them what they call “an initiation fee” What made me try to find the truth is that, every scammer has his/her own amount and tactics of getting people’s money. So I asked myself, How comes I keep seeing different individuals with different tactics claiming to belong in a similar organization? I’m glad that all my worries were stated in details at their official website. Therefore it’s clear that the illuminati doesn’t accept any donation or fee in the name of registration. 
      • Religious beliefs. Again this is something which has terrible made a lot of individuals to be afraid of any seemingly illuminati member. The website is very clear on this. It stated that, the illuminati neither believes in God nor Satan. In other words it’s a response to those who more often keep asking others whether the illuminati is an organization or a religion. According to the website, the Illuminati is an organization whose members comes from different parts of the world, from different religions whose main aim is to protect mankind. Which means that, they’re not stringed into a certain religion. 

      When someone is full of knowledgeable, obviously he/she will never fall a victim of being mislead by anyone. Again when everyone accepts the fact that nothing comes for nothing, them no one will be tempted to believe all those who claim that there are possibilities of one sending a given amount of money to them and wake up as a rich man the following morning. 

      The ones who tries to get something for nothing, generally winds up getting nothing for something – A . R

      In other words, there is nothing for free. Working hard is compulsory for each and everyone who desires to get somewhere at long last. We all have potentials therefore we can do something which will make this world a better place for all. The most important thing is that, we should always show others the correct path. 


      Finally, the extremely busy year is approaching it’s end. Businessmen are busy preparing their annual balance sheets, different religions are busy preparing their annual feasts. There are those who will be celebrating they marriage anniversaries. More and more activities are being prepared simply because it’s just a matter of days before the approach a new year. 

      There is each and every reason as to why everyone must be thankful. To start with being alive, we all need to be thankful for that. Uncountable number of people left their works uncompleted as a result of death. Even if you never accomplished whatever you were working for, there is still need for you to be thankful because, at least you’re still alive. Being alive is a second chance of ensuring that you accomplish whatever you didn’t do soo previously. Life is a gift, no one can ever claim that remaining alive is a must. We’re alive due to grace. When death decides to knock your door, you’ll not negotiate about it.

      No one should claim that there is no one to thank. Even if you’re all alone from January to December, there are plenty of people who still need your thanks. These are the people who play the role of ensuring that you have whatever you want. I’m talking about the shopkeepers, doctors, drivers, the owners of petrol stations etc. You can spend the whole day alone but still find it necessary to visit someone so as to get a certain service or good. That’s why I’m emphasizing that you owe alot of people thanks giving.

       Being thankful doesn’t mean that you must be in a position of presenting a material gift to someone. The sincere words which comes from the bottom chamber of your heart are the most valuable gift. They’re a gift which will last for soo long in one’s memory. They’re a gift which can enable someone feel loved and cared for. There are plenty of people who are seemingly happy but deep inside their hearts, there are endless sorrows. Your thanks giving can surely heal someone’s sorrows. You will never know who actually is just eagerly waiting for you to say something which will at least uplift his/her morale.

      Some people thinks that,thanks giving can only be done in religious buildings. Leaving starving neighbours at home, on your way to your religious place passing homeless individuals, and not realizing that someone is still admitted at the hospital despite of his/her discharge permission due to uncleared balance and still not consider helping them in the name of seeking blessings from whoever is your religious leader, that is extremely wrong. Blessings are within you, they’re hidden in the very same starving neighbours and homeless individuals. Ignoring them is like showing that you actually don’t deserve being blessed at all. Always be thankful everywhere. 

      The future is not really promising. The same people you’ll help in the name of thanks giving today, can be the same people who will comfort you when everyone else runs away. As the year ends in style, let’s be thankful and offer help wherever we can, without expecting anything in return.

      GET LOST

      “get lost” is a simple sentence but it mean a lot. This is something which can be spoken soo politely but still break someone’s heart. Especially when an employer gives his/her employee such statement. Even if it will mean moving out of the managers office, It still mean something is not right. It is more likely that one day it will mean something else. Most people have lost their jobs due to some minor mistakes. Most common mistakes are from within one’s self. It has nothing to do with the experience because if the performance of someone is poor due to lack of experience, normally most companies conducts training program to it’s employees. When it comes to how the employees behaves, no matter how experieced one is, bad conduct will always be the only mistake which will make him/her loose the job. Below are some of the common mistakes to avoid if at all one doesn’t want to be part of those who can’t avoid the axe of retrenchment.  

      Friendship. it’s indeed very nice to socialize. Infact it somehow makes people feel more comfortable while working. But the problem comes when most employees get carried away by the friendship bond they have with their bosses. It doesn’t mean that, because your boss found you somewhere and you had a cup of coffee with him/her, that you’ll be talking anyhowly to him/her. In most cases, friendship is enjoyed at home or wherever. At work there is no friendship, it’s work and nothing else. Therefore when an employee tend to fail to differentiate the two enviroments which are socialising and working environments, it doesn’t take long before being kicked out of the office and eventually out of the company’s entrance.

      Knowing it all. There are those who tend to be all knowing. Actually, most bosses truly appreciates those who are not dependant. It really sucks telling someone about something over and over again. It’s very pleasant when someone strives to learn about his/her work more and more. In other words, I’m talking about a self determined person. However the problem comes when that particular person, starts getting things mixed up. It doesn’t mean that after knowing what was yet to be revealed to you by your boss, you should automatically practice it. The reason as to why everyone is normally given a handbook during orientation is to ensure that, the person does what is expected and how it is expected to be done. One can do his/her job well using a method which wasn’t recommended by his boss, that will always be  extremely good,  but the question will always follow, “didn’t I tell you how to do it?” For any employee who wishes to retain his/her job, should focus on the hand book given. Obviously after promotion, the hand book will always be updated in case there is any need to do soo.

      Politeness. This is one of the most important aspect which enables any job seeker to get hired at the first place. I’m sure when someone tend to be rude during an interview, he/she will never be employed no matter how good his/her CV is. Since it is extremely important from the first day, it must be considered throughout the contract or working period. In absence of politeness chaos are normally the order of the day. Apart from that, the good reputations of that particular company gets ruined within a spar of a moment. That’s why no employer on earth can ever tolerate individuals who aren’t polite at work. Some companies even consider observing the behaviors of their employees while away from work as well. It’s because every company desires to have a good public relations. It’s indeed necessary for every employee to actually be polite both away and within the company. The misconducts of those employees directly affects their employers and as a result, it becomes necessary for them to eventually get the most terrible statement “get lost!”

      Underrating. Man is to error, bosses do make mistakes as well. But the mistakes doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve to be at that particular position. I’ve been observing and I came to realise that, most employers are not as educated as some of their employees. They are people who decided to be entrepreneurs after getting some supportive knowledge concerning business sector. Therefore, there are chances of having more educated employees than themselves in the company. For sure if at all one tend to underrate his/her own boss, then it’s evidently that no good performance will be obtained. It’s a must for all employees to respect their bosses if at all they wish to work in the given company for decades till they join retirement scheme. All employers only work with employees who are full of humility. Not only showing humility to their boss but also to their work mates. Humility brings unity and unity brings success. Underrating an employer is the cheapest ticket of getting lost. 


      As the above image illustrates, Intersex is all about gender complications. I’m sure all most everyone reading this have once or more often heard about intersex. There are plenty of miths and misconceptions concerning intersex people, but it’s indeed necessary for all of us to actually get to learn the fact about this. 

      Intersex is not the same as transgender. I do remember a friend of mine elaborated the difference soo well that intersex people are individuals who were born with both male and femal gentle parts. Therefore they can’t be identified as either male or female. As you can see this is a medical issue if I may say. Transgender people are men and women who were born physically okey but they posses opposite sex’s genes. Again this is something which isn’t a choice of anyone. These individuals were just born this way. 

      Due to misunderstanding of today’s society, Intersex individuals experiences soo much pain, both physically and mentally. It’s upon every individual to understand that these are just complications and intersex people are as important as any other human being on earth. They deserve a lot of care, love and support. It can never be easier for anyone to be happy knowing that something is not right concerning the gender identification. It’s upon men and women on earth to make these people gain self confidence. 

      It’s cruelty of the highest order to isolate intersex individuals or even go an extra mile and mock them. For example, I’ve never seen any public toilet labelled “intersex”. They’re normally labelled “Ladies” and “Gents”. Therefore, I may say Intersex can choose to use either of the two. It’s very wrong to attack an Intersex individuals who decided to use a toilet of *his/her* own choice. We need to practice humanity everywhere and to everyone. Personally I’ll advise people to just assume they have no idea if the particular individual they meet in a washroom is an intersex. There is no need of questioning these individuals. 

      Nowdays the issue of gender is nothing important. I’ve seen ladies performing duties which for centuries, have been considered to be for men, vice versa. Therefore Intersex should never be underrated. They should be treated like any other person at work, home, school etc. During interviews, the same questions which will be asked other applicants should be the same as those of Intersex. They’re our fellow human beings and everyone has a role to play on earth therefore, every earth dweller should be allowed to do what he/she or they can do best.

      There is absolutely nothing which people gain after mocking, isolating, attacking others. Love is the core virtue of bringing peace on Earth globally. Mmh! Love others as you love ourself. If one doesn’t wish to be mistreated by others, then hi/she should not mistreat anyone. Even those who wishes to be mistreated, they should as well never mistreat anyone. No man is an island, we need each other in order to full fill our dreams and achieve our goals. Let’s not kill other people’s dreams. 


      Different religions have different beliefs, despite of those differences they somehow have a relatively common goal. The problem has never been about religion, it’s all about the followers of those particular religions. The misunderstanding of the followers is what makes most religions to have bad reputations.

      I remember sometimes back asking someone if God hates homosexuals. The person told me that according to the scripture God loves all human beings but He hates the act of homosexuality.  I asked myself which scripture do trans/homophobias read? It at all they discriminate homosexuals in the basis of religiousnes, most religions encourages love. Infact in Christianity the bible say condenm not and you shall not be condenmed, judge not and you shall not be judged. When I see individuals insulting homosexuals calling them bad names, I normally get puzzled. When they say the act is against the bible I wonder if they’re aware that the same bible discourages them from condemning and judging other people. It’s funny how people can observe a single part and ignore the other one. 

      We as human beings can only tell about our past and current lives. Even our future lives are just predictions till the time reveals them to us. Therefore no one has the right to call the other evil on religious basis. As much as religions are concerned, being evil or being good is up to the most high to determine.

      I’m sure if all scriptures are wisely followed, there will be no cases of discrimination of any group of persons. Some claims that homosexuality is against the traditions. It might have been but it should not be the case at this century. Individuals all over the world are fighting for humanity. Loving each other regardless of our sexual orientation is also part of humanity. Sincere love is never conditionally expressed. 

      Humanity can be effectively done when everyone puts aside his/her religious beliefs. Yes, most religions consider homosexuality as an abomination act. Despite of this, it’s upon everyone to consider the fact that they were also born and they deserve respect like any other straight person. They need to be loved unconditionally, They are not less than human beings therefore they should be treated equally like straight people. They need freedom of expression and freedom of loving anyone. They are not criminals, why is there a jail sentence. Being jailed because of loving someone who is not acceptable by others is very bad. Here is where humanity is needed the most. Since most  governments are not guided by religious beliefs but they are guided by constitutions, I believe it’s very possible for homosexuals to be granted their rights. When trying to make our world a better place, all aspects should be included so as to insure all people on earth lives happly and have some feelings of belonging.