Indeed it was a new environment to me. I knew no one and above all, I couldn’t even say a word because I wasn’t understanding any language. I felt so lonely such that tears of sorrow never stopped cascading down my baggy chicks. Just a single minute to me was like an entire month. There I was, in the field for work. I kept asking myself, why me? aren’t there anyone else for this? Is it a must for me to do this? Those were some of questions that kept on troubling me. Considering that our family was big enough to provide someone else. 

That day it was sunny as well as experiencing light rainfall. To me that was indeed a bright day. Not only enjoying how beautifully the sky was decorated by a huge rainbow, I was as well enjoying seeing butterflies that were all over the place especially under the shade where I was. I could allow them land on my body. The day surely made me forget all the sorrows I had before. It made me gain confidence and wake up for the purpose of my presence. By that time I was able to communicate with others effectively. I came to realize that I wasn’t alone who was enjoying such environment.  As it is said, birds of same feathers flocks together. It was indeed a climate, therefore we had to urge others just to try accepting the fact that no one can undo it.

Of course not everyone loved it, some decided just to be friendly while some decided to be a threat. There was a group of individuals who promised to destroy our shade and kill all butterflies that were making that environment so delighting to us. I was extremely worried and again I began thinking about going home. 

Thinking about going back home wasn’t a good idea either because it meant that, I was going to leave my lovely colleagues in trouble. Plenty of attempts were made to stop haters but nothing seem to work on our favour. 

Finally I decided to go back home. Tearfully I prepared myself ready to leave but again I couldn’t afford making even a single step. “Am I going to be accepted back?” “What reason will I give for going back without completing my work?” “What if I’m sent back, shall it not be wastage of time?” With these unanswerable questions, I just unpacked my belongings and lay down on bed for physical rest. I couldn’t catch a sleep due to over thinking.



Do you hate someone or something? 

Not everyone hate others but what I’m sure of is that everyone hates specific things. Hate of specific things is facilitated by what we feed our minds with. 

Those who feed their minds with positive ideas will never be comfortably listening to negative ones. Hate is something that can be useful and destructive at the same time. It’s usefulness will always be enjoyed by cautious and focused individuals. Why? It’s very simple, change requires cautiousness and focus. Bearing in mind that what one hates, can be someone else’s favorite. An intelligent person will always embrace the fact that, change is not a guarantee. Not including inhumane acts in the bracket of freedom of change, when it comes to actions that are destructive to all living things on earth and indeed a threat to survival of mankind; change should be a must. Resistance to change should be delt with severely. Freedom of change should only be on petty issues.

Talking about petty issues eg. Dressing code, eating habits etc; these are issues that can be changed by however is concerned willingly. We can never have a uniform dressing code, but we can have a similar level of decency. Again we can never have similar eating habits, but we can have a prescribed healthy eating habits. These are examples of petty issues I’m referring to. It doesn’t matter how much one hates them, so long as however doing them isn’t ready to change; there is need for a hater to look for an alternative way of adapting the situation. 

As I said earlier, hate is also destructive when in a heart of a fool.  There is a difference between hating something and hating someone. Hating an act or something made by someone is somehow understandable, but hating however did whatever one hates; is foolishness. 
Why is it foolishness? Let me take you through. We have ability of thinking about more than one thing or idea. Due to such ability, there are possibilities of not delighting everyone at the same time. Not just delighting but also having a permanent funs of what we do or brait storm. People will always be fun of specific things from you depending on their own lifestyles, orientations, beliefs and cultures. Therefore hating someone because of a particular thing that you hate is indeed foolishness. Hating an individual instead of an act will simply hinder you from enjoying something else that of course might be delightful to you from that particular individual in future.

For example, I do hate trans/homophobic behavior among more other behaviors, but I don’t hate those who does that. Why? It’s because they only have bad luck when it comes to sexual orientation based critical thinking, but obviously they might be experts in something else. What will happen if at all I decide to generally hate anyone who dislikes and thinks it’s wrong? Will they ever come back to their senses? The only thing that will bring them back to their senses is simply a more constant reminder that LGBTs are also part of humanity. This reminder will not be successful when my  mind is full of foolishness. 

Hating someone instead of the act will never support unity. Since unity demand us to bury all our differences, then it’s very necessary for all of us to handle out hates so well with high cautiousness and focus.


What’s humbleness? It’s simply a state of  someone not being proud or thinking that he/she is important. Humbleness and humility have relatively similar meanings. Humility is the act of not thinking that one is more important than anyone else.
Humbleness reveals itself when one is talking or interacting with others especially in downward communication. What makes some people use different languages for different individuals? Why is it difficult for some people to use the same language they use in downword communication when making an upward communication? The answer is just simple, there is no humbleness in them. Such circumstances are normal to most politicians.

Some might be wondering how do humbleness work. When there is no special respect for those above one’s level be it at work, school, home, neighborhood even within one’s family; that itself is humbleness. A humble person will always respect everyone regardless of whom they’re. 

Humbleness is what makes it possible for highly ranked individuals interact freely with everyone. Finding an extremely wealthy person in the streets talking to people with no bad intentions, isn’t it an evidence of humbleness? Indeed it is. 

The most important benefit of being humble is secrecy. People can easily know what is happening in someone’s life even without that particular person saying a word if that particular person is always full of pride. They’ll observe what he/she does or how he/she talks when there is something good and bad. I may say, pride isn’t good as much as secrecy is concerned. On the other hand, a humble person chooses what to make public and what to keep for him/herself; because there are no possibilities of information leakage. Why? It’s simple, humble individuals don’t behave or talk differently during ups and downs in their lives, hence making it impossible for others to learn behind the scene issues. 

Humbleness is just a  behavior, we were neither born with humbleness nor pride. We picked either of the two from our childhood sorroundings under the influence of parents and what we fed our minds with.  After ‘gaining independence’ from parents, it’s up to a person at an individual level to make a choice on how his/her life should be. 

Pride normally gets triggered by competitions. When it comes to competition, it’s applicable. The competitors always try to scare and demoralize their opponents. Fortunately, competition is only  applicable in strive for material possessions. Do life need competition? Life isn’t a race rather it’s a journey that requires humbleness. Do individuals support each other in a competition? No, they don’t. That’s why we need to embrace the fact that life is a journey that requires humbleness. 


What is the power of forgiveness? Does forgiveness do us any good? What are forgivable and non forgivable mistakes? Let’s see.
The act of forgiveness is extremely powerful more than one can ever imagine. Through forgiveness, people are able to retain important individuals in their lives as well as maintaining peace, love and unity. On this planet full of imperfect individuals, mistakes are common. “Forgive and you shall be forgiven!” Can someone who do not forgive anyone ever expect to be forgiven? Yes, though it’ll not be fair and again it’ll be an act of taking humanity for granted. 

The future will always be a mistry, we only predict and do probabilities but the truth reveals itself on due time. That’s why it’s very important to prepare for it earlier in advance. Since human beings only attracts what they give out, it’s very necessary to do unto others exactly what we expect them to do to us. 

Not every mistake is forgivable. Mistakes committed deliberately aren’t worthy forgiving. Especially those that affects other innocent individuals. The mistake of not forgiving others bearing in mind that they never intended to make a mistake is itself unforgivable. 
The shape of our planet speaks volume. If at all it was flat as it was thought to be, before the scientific proof that it’s round in shape; then I would have used it in defending unforgivingness; it’s circular shape is a good example in explaining the phrase “what goes round, comes round.”  It clearly helps us in understanding that our bad actions will always haunt us. They’ll be done to us exactly by either those who witnessed us doing so or those who will be led by their instincts. 

As I said earlier; forgiveness helps in maintaining peace, love and unity. Forgiveness will discourage enmity and in absence of enmity; peace, love and unity will always be available. The other importance of forgiveness is successful dialogues. For a successful dialogue to be conducted, there must be an assurance of safety. Safety will be assured when there is peace that will be attained as a result of forgiveness. Lastly, forgiveness will always be fueled by a deep understanding of issues and circumstances.


Ancestors: there is no cup of coffee here though you’re much welcomed. 

Me: Thank you very much, I’m glad to be here with you. It was so hard for me to accept the fact that you left us behind. We wept bitterly and the sorrow nearly scrambled everything that you left for us…

Ancestors: Forget about that. This isn’t time for stories. We did a lot while alive that’s why of course you have a story to tell. Our legacy is only enjoyed by those still alive. Did you left any legacy? Is there anything that you’ll be remembered for? 

Me: I’m sorry but I can’t tell if I’ll be remembered or not. I did everything I could, day and night. As you all know, there were plenty of challenges even during your time. Though I may testify that at least the challenges aren’t as many as they were during your time, there is need for more push especially towards human Rights that’s why…

Ancestors: Hold on please, whose human rights are you referring too. Can you try to be specific! Have you been expressing yourself this way!!

Me: You didn’t allow me to finish talking. when I say human rights, I mean rights of everyone on earth. During your time, women were considered to be part of their husband’s property. This issue have been fought thoroughly and currently they are not  their husband’s property but they’re the partners. This is what our sophisticated brothers and sisters made part of the law of majority of countries. Currently there are several women in leadership: governors, mps, presidents etc.     

  The other group is LGBT community. I’m aware during your time this issue wasn’t known. It’s simply because these individuals were afraid of getting out of closet. I don’t believe that they weren’t there at all. There have been sereve consequences for their shout out. There have been plenty of harassments, humiliations among more mistreatments to these individuals. Some countries decriminalized them while some made the existing punishments even more severe. As you can see, there is need for investment of more efforts. The good news is that, there are hopes of liberation. 

Some of mentally fit adults have been molesting children. Therefore, kids aren’t very safe every time; that’s why they must be under tight security all days. Putting in consideration that some of those molesters are sometimes their own relatives. So you can imagine the safety of these boys and girls. They need to be defended and protected.

Ancestors: We’ve understood you. Yes, we worked hard trying to end all kind of inhumanity. I’m sure that you’ve left some reasonable and focused people behind. People who will take over from where you left. 

Me: They’re too many, I can’t even name them. But I’m sure  that they’ll succeed.     

Ancestors: You’ve not talked about corruption. What is the status?

Me: Corruption is still a major problem though all means are being used in attempt to end it, there is till a long way to go. I do believe that it’ll be part of history in the near future.  

Ancestors: Very well,  with an assurance of uncountable number of dedicated individuals on fight for humanity; we expect good news. 

Me: Yes of course, I trust them. With them I’m sure the earth will be safe and a better place for everyone more than it is currently. 

Ancestors: After accomplishment of all these, definitely the earth will be unified forever. That’s great. 

Me: Exactly, 🤣🤣🤣 In fact…

Ancestors: You’ll tell us your stories later. Will you mind leaving us alone for a moment? 

Me: Okay if you insist. 

Ancestors: Thank you baby, familiarize yourself with your new world.       


Success is the achievement of something that you’ve been trying to do. This simply mean that, being successful only depends on what someone wanted to accomplish. It’s also a depiction that no matter what someone achieves a long the way, so long as the person doesn’t achieve his/her primary desires, there’ll be no reason to consider him/herself successful.

Why do wealthy individuals weep or keep working harder despite some of them having more than enough in their bank accounts? Aren’t they suppose to relax and enjoy their wealth?  The answer is just simple; they still have some pending achievements to work on. Wealth is the most powerful distraction. I may say it is an effect of dream chasing. If not properly controlled, it can be a deadly dream killer. 

How many individuals had a dream of empowering others when they were nobody in the society, but after getting some wealth they’re the same people who can afford swinging on their expensive chairs and face the wall, when talking to the same individuals they promised to empower before? Did they lie when they promised to empower others? Some did lie and some were sincere by then. One will wonder what happened to the sincere ones. They got distracted by the wealth they acquired a long the way, that made them forget about their primary desires. 

In other words, success isn’t determined by how wealthy someone is. Therefore it isn’t an amazing thing when you come across a very wealthy person claiming that he/she is unsuccessful or a poor man claiming that he is successful.  Success is what can bring both, rich and poor to the same table. A poor man who managed to accomplish his desires can help a wealthy person by giving him/her some knowledge and wisdom he/she might have lacked before. When there is a successful exchange of ideas between the two individuals, then obviously all will have something to celebrate for. The rich of course, the one who wasn’t carried away by wealthy can warn the poor not to get carried away by whatever benefits he/she might get as an effect of chasings another dream. 

It’s now clear to you why most wealthy individuals still consider going back to their respective villages just for the sake of having a talk with elders. If they believed that they already got whatever they needed on earth, they may not have been paying a visit to those meetings. These individuals clearly knows that their wealth can simplify everything for them but for that simplification to work effectively, there is need for knowledge and wisdom. Academic knowledge isn’t enough at all. In fact it’s useless when there is no application of common sense. Again the seeking of that common sense is what makes it possible for professors to actually go back to their elders so as to learn about what can’t be taught in universities or found in books.   


Decision making is something that is practiced by everyone. No human being can avoid it. Due to improper decision making, human beings must even be forced to remain alive and also allow others to remain alive too. Murder convictions aren’t new in our court rooms. If there was indeed proper decision making all over the world, then obviously no government would have indicated in it’s constitution that

  • Every human being has a right to live.
  • Taking someone’s live is a serious crime.

Because of cruelty and carelessness, people need to be told how important lives are. In most cases other people’s lives. Before making a choice of ending their or someone else’s life, do these people think about what will happen after the act? Not really. 

Due to improper decision making, most people up-to-date still opposes women leadership. These individuals defend themselves with sincerely stupid reasons. Mostly they base their reasons on religious and cultural beliefs, obviously this is very wrong because it doesn’t support gender equality. That’s why any organization that is aiming at global unification, will never affiliate itself with any religion. Simple questions that any intelligent person will always ask him/herself are:- However opposing women leadership, will that person still maintain the same opposition in case  his/her daughter, sister or mother is about to become a leader? If it happens that his/her daughter is a student or a pupil, and her institution of study chooses her to lead others, will that particular individual storm into the institution and express his/her anger? The answer is obvious.

If not witnessing, at least you’ve heard about people being stoned, burned, hunged etc. Those who are involved in this kind of cruelty, are they 100% perfect? To narrow my argument to LGBT community, there are those who support humanity but when it comes to LGBT community’s rights, they strongly oppose. Everyone has a freedom of choice, but a choice of denying other innocent individuals their rights isn’t a right choice. The question comes:- However is strongly opposing LGBT’s rights not only that but also participating in embarrassing, harassing, hurting or even taking away their lives; will that particular person still do the same when it happens that his/her very close relative is an LGBT member? About close relative, I’m referring to parents, children, brothers or sisters. 

It’s obvious that, people are too quick in making nasty decisions when they’re somehow sure that they won’t fall victim of the same in future. Such mentality has ruined innocent people’s lives. Humanity is all about selflessness. Wiser decisions aren’t based on personal interests of those involved in making them. They are based on justice and fairness. 

How can people practice fairness in everything they do? It’s very simple, being selfless will make it possible. Especially in making  decisions when it’s very clear that, however making them won’t benefit anything out of them. 


I’m not perfect than anyone else neither  am  I stupid, but there are things that doesn’t require any special qualifications to be realized. It is said; actions speaks louder than words. This reality isn’t acceptable to majority of people. Some wishes to let everyone know how sincere they’re etc. 

Loyalty is a commitment and a great dedication. A dedication that is extremely delicate and any kind of impurity will make it vanish. Personally I don’t think it’s wiser to shout it out. After all, it doesn’t hide itself. Our actions reveals what is deeply hidden in our hearts. The month can speak anything. Someone can shout “I’m loyal forever!” And in the next minute receive fraudulent money. Someone can use capital letters in telling the world that “MY LOYALTY REMAINS UNTOUCHABLE!!!” And in the next minute he/she promises to help someone in leveling up after paying some amount of money.  

This world is full of individuals made up of different personalities. There are those who does the opposite of whatever they say, there are those who doesn’t say anything at all but does what is suppose to be done, some doesn’t say anything but they do the opposite of what is suppose to be done and lastly there are those who does exactly whatever they say. These are four categories of individuals, I do believe that there are more and more categories maybe. 

With those kind of personalities, it’ll obviously be very difficult in trusting someone who speaks about his/her ‘perfect loyalty’. To me, words of mouth are secondary data. Primary data is the actions. Why? It’s because, the mouth only speaks what the heart wants to let the world know. The future references of our actions are normally stored in our hearts. When someone’s heart is full of evil deeds, obviously the mouth will be used in speaking lies. But when the heart is filled with good deeds, the mouth will have nothing to speak out because the heart wouldn’t expose it’s future references of what was meant for good. 

The truth is, no one can force others in realizing how loyal he/she is. Getting acknowledgements from others isn’t important, the important thing is doing the right thing. While doing the right thing, you’ll truly be a loyal person. Only actions can either make you loyal or a disloyal person. Words of mouth have a very minimal weight. In most cases, words of mouth leads to impatience. 

You can imagine someone who have been screaming about his/her loyalty all over sudden starting to ask “How long is the journey?”  “Hey! Don’t you Know that I’m a loyal person?”  One will simply try to figure it out exactly what led to this. Without thinking any longer, an intelligent person will obviously discover that the individual was busy shouting empty promises. Promises without respective actions are just as empty as any other.

The all seeing eye doesn’t look away for even a second. It gets into the bottom chambers of our hearts and see what we can’t speak out. It’s only the all seeing eye that can expose your actions. Exposure of good deeds is a pride anyone can ever wish to have and the exposure of evil deeds is the deadly shame anyone can never wish to experience.


Those who already dedicated themselves in helping others knows exactly what I’m about to discuss. I may say they have the experience and maybe some have endured lot of difficult moments already. Nothing is easy on this world of ours. 
Dedicating ourselves in helping others isn’t an easy step as seen by many who haven’t gave a try. We do help one another every now and then therefore, Human beings survive by helping each other. How? For you to be able to help others, you must have some extra skills and knowledge. Where do you get extra skills and knowledge? You get them from those who are already ahead of you and also from reliable and recommendable sources. In other words, You’ll be helped so that you may be able to help others. Of course that is the only way of improving. 

Having variety of character traits, and beliefs. Helpers encounter different reactions from each and  every person they help out. There are those who are always left speechless after getting some assistance. You’ll never know whether you made any impact on them or not. These are the people who always maintain calmness and higher level of secrecy. 

The second group consist negative minded individuals. There are those whom I can’t even get a suitable name for. These are the people who never look at anything from a positive angle. How can I identify such kind of a person? It’s very easy. ” Ooh! you helped me so that I may know how able you’re, You won’t have that ability forever, as a matter of fact let’s see for how long you’ll last. Bastard! By the time I’m done working on you, you’ll be back to your senses.” These are few of the nasty words that come out of the mouths of negative minded individuals. This is where things gets so complicated, Only those who are sincerely dedicated in helping others can tolerate it. Such kind of tolerance is exactly what makes them keep moving. When you’re told that, sincere helpers doesn’t expect anything in return, even appreciation is part of what shouldn’t be expected. The pain might last for sometime but it shouldn’t affect more innocent people who are eagerly waiting for your help. Such a situation is a direct conscious preparation of whatever might happen in future. The more it repeats itself, the more fit you’ll be in handling any obstacle a long your way. Determined individuals don’t avoid anything, they face whatever is ahead of them without a delay. The most important thing is learning from each and every situation you find yourselves in. 

The third group is all about darlings, honorables, holy of hollies, golden hearted mmmh oooh! all those people you know from the bottom chamber of your hearts that they’re truly appreciative and constructive. “Why such sweet names sir!” Of course I always call it the way I see it. All those names and more others, are suitable for those individuals who take their time in appreciating those who helped them in one way or the other. I’m not talking about material appreciations here, It’s all about “Thank you very much brother/sister.”, “You successfully cleared the cobwebs in my mind hahah be blessed”,  etc. 

People who’s words bring hopes and an urge to help more people. Though appreciation isn’t really necessary to a determined person but when available, it pushes up the morale of that particular individual. Helping others directly isn’t a must. One can indirectly help others by encouraging however is busy helping them directly. 

Whether you help someone who will never get back and say a word, someone who will promise to teach you a lesson or someone who will show you how important you’re; you need to keep moving on and focus on your aim not the consequences of your aim. The consequences will always be there to strengthen you.