As the above image illustrates, Intersex is all about gender complications. I’m sure all most everyone reading this have once or more often heard about intersex. There are plenty of miths and misconceptions concerning intersex people, but it’s indeed necessary for all of us to actually get to learn the fact about this. 

Intersex is not the same as transgender. I do remember a friend of mine elaborated the difference soo well that intersex people are individuals who were born with both male and femal gentle parts. Therefore they can’t be identified as either male or female. As you can see this is a medical issue if I may say. Transgender people are men and women who were born physically okey but they posses opposite sex’s genes. Again this is something which isn’t a choice of anyone. These individuals were just born this way. 

Due to misunderstanding of today’s society, Intersex individuals experiences soo much pain, both physically and mentally. It’s upon every individual to understand that these are just complications and intersex people are as important as any other human being on earth. They deserve a lot of care, love and support. It can never be easier for anyone to be happy knowing that something is not right concerning the gender identification. It’s upon men and women on earth to make these people gain self confidence. 

It’s cruelty of the highest order to isolate intersex individuals or even go an extra mile and mock them. For example, I’ve never seen any public toilet labelled “intersex”. They’re normally labelled “Ladies” and “Gents”. Therefore, I may say Intersex can choose to use either of the two. It’s very wrong to attack an Intersex individuals who decided to use a toilet of *his/her* own choice. We need to practice humanity everywhere and to everyone. Personally I’ll advise people to just assume they have no idea if the particular individual they meet in a washroom is an intersex. There is no need of questioning these individuals. 

Nowdays the issue of gender is nothing important. I’ve seen ladies performing duties which for centuries, have been considered to be for men, vice versa. Therefore Intersex should never be underrated. They should be treated like any other person at work, home, school etc. During interviews, the same questions which will be asked other applicants should be the same as those of Intersex. They’re our fellow human beings and everyone has a role to play on earth therefore, every earth dweller should be allowed to do what he/she or they can do best.

There is absolutely nothing which people gain after mocking, isolating, attacking others. Love is the core virtue of bringing peace on Earth globally. Mmh! Love others as you love ourself. If one doesn’t wish to be mistreated by others, then hi/she should not mistreat anyone. Even those who wishes to be mistreated, they should as well never mistreat anyone. No man is an island, we need each other in order to full fill our dreams and achieve our goals. Let’s not kill other people’s dreams. 



Different religions have different beliefs, despite of those differences they somehow have a relatively common goal. The problem has never been about religion, it’s all about the followers of those particular religions. The misunderstanding of the followers is what makes most religions to have bad reputations.

I remember sometimes back asking someone if God hates homosexuals. The person told me that according to the scripture God loves all human beings but He hates the act of homosexuality.  I asked myself which scripture do trans/homophobias read? It at all they discriminate homosexuals in the basis of religiousnes, most religions encourages love. Infact in Christianity the bible say condenm not and you shall not be condenmed, judge not and you shall not be judged. When I see individuals insulting homosexuals calling them bad names, I normally get puzzled. When they say the act is against the bible I wonder if they’re aware that the same bible discourages them from condemning and judging other people. It’s funny how people can observe a single part and ignore the other one. 

We as human beings can only tell about our past and current lives. Even our future lives are just predictions till the time reveals them to us. Therefore no one has the right to call the other evil on religious basis. As much as religions are concerned, being evil or being good is up to the most high to determine.

I’m sure if all scriptures are wisely followed, there will be no cases of discrimination of any group of persons. Some claims that homosexuality is against the traditions. It might have been but it should not be the case at this century. Individuals all over the world are fighting for humanity. Loving each other regardless of our sexual orientation is also part of humanity. Sincere love is never conditionally expressed. 

Humanity can be effectively done when everyone puts aside his/her religious beliefs. Yes, most religions consider homosexuality as an abomination act. Despite of this, it’s upon everyone to consider the fact that they were also born and they deserve respect like any other straight person. They need to be loved unconditionally, They are not less than human beings therefore they should be treated equally like straight people. They need freedom of expression and freedom of loving anyone. They are not criminals, why is there a jail sentence. Being jailed because of loving someone who is not acceptable by others is very bad. Here is where humanity is needed the most. Since most  governments are not guided by religious beliefs but they are guided by constitutions, I believe it’s very possible for homosexuals to be granted their rights. When trying to make our world a better place, all aspects should be included so as to insure all people on earth lives happly and have some feelings of belonging.


This is something which is common to ears and eyes of almost everyone. Women pass through every imaginable difficulties on earth. It’s very wrong for anyone to consider women as weak human beings. Mostly their hardwork is underrated by men and some of their fellow women. 

Women works almost three quarters of the day. They wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for their family including their husbands. After that they prepare their kids for school, most of them prefers taking them to school and make sure their arrive safely. They spend the entire day doing domestic chores non-stop. You might be shocked to even learn that majority of them, despite of  being at home, they can’t tell the last day they actually had a nap. Their schedule is always fixed. Can you imagine how difficult it is for those who go for work and they have no house help. They still try to manage everything. At that moment mostly, men relax at setting rooms watching news. Very few men  actually join their wives in doing domestic chores. It’s indeed very rare to find a man busy washing utensils, moping or cooking while his wife is somewhere doing something else. 

The most hurting thing is that some men even goes an extra mile in disrespecting their wives. There are those who after serious consideration they decides to hire a house help. It is disrespectful of the highest order for a man to have an affair with their house help. When such things happen, women goes through hard times. Due to their courage and braveness, most of them just decides to forgive them hoping that nothing like that will ever be repeated. When it comes to men, majority of them don’t forgive their wives after learning that they’re having an extra marital affair. Most of them kicks them out and rush to courts in order to start a divorce procedure. 

After the divorce, mostly within a period of less than three years majority of men gets married again. But women spends a good number of years before thinking of getting married again. 

Such spirits makes women extremely important people on earth like any other man. For that matter, I do believe that what men can do, there are possibilities that women can do even better. Sometimes I feel that most men knows this truth. Thats why they try as much as possible to make them feel hopeless and inferior. Infact women are very influential. That’s why any women in leadership, should never be taken for granted. Those are the ones who proves wrong all those  who thinks that, kitchen is the only women’s working place.

It’s always believed that behind every successful man, there is a woman. That openly shows that women are the master planners behind the scenes. Again any reasonable person will ask him/herself, between the one who guided and planned something and the one who put in place whatever was suggested, who is more than who. It’s just simple, they’re all equal. Everyone played his/her role so as to achieve whatever they were working toward for.

This raises an urge for all women to actually gain courage and braveness in everything they do. I do believe that it’ll reach a time when there will be absolutely no need of special political seats reserved only for women. This will be achieved when every woman starts daring every opportunity which comes on her way. Due to such courage, a good number of countries having female presidents will no longer be considered as a big deal. 


Peace is something which is not easy to attain. Having a peaceful world will never be as easy as boiling a chicken if at all people keeps on considering unimportant differences in everything they do. Having a peaceful world means that there are some behaviors which must be stopped at all costs. When everyone is peaceful, Everything will be easily obtained. Some of behaviors which will hinder us from attaining peaceful lives are:-

    Disrespect. Disrespect is soo common nowdays. Despite of  more often calls of unconditional respect, It’s like a good number of people simply chooses not to do soo. Without respecting one another, how can it be possible to live peacefully? Respect is one of the key elements which can lead to peaceful lives.  It’s clear that we can’t like similar things but by respecting each other’s likings, we can surely live peacefully.       

      Racisim. Though this has been somehow brought to an end, there are still a fraction of those individuals who keeps on trying to bring it back . The most interesting thing is that, Our governments have been discouraging it at all costs. Eradication of racisim have made it possible for people to freely move from one continent to another without any fear of being mistreated. Such movements has enabled individuals to share ideas which is an extremely good thing when it comes to growth and development of every nation. 

      Hate. Its very necessary for individuals to stop hating one another. Where there is hate it’s obvious that there is no peace. I’ve seen some people being stigmatised, discriminated, rejected etc. This is a sign that there is still a lot which needs to be done as much as eradication of hate is concerned. Sometimes it’s very puzzling to hear someone saying that he/she is working towards protection of mankind but admitting how truly he/she hates innocent community. LGBT is and will still remain to be an innocent community because it does not interfere with anyone’s life.  What is wrong according to one person, it’s very right according to the other person. Soo long as it does not go against humanity, however likes  it should not be interfered. Let’s do a simple practical right here. This is number 6 because you’ve hold your device upright. Just turn it upside down. The same number will turn to number 9, therefore it’s important for everyone to consider the opinions of those who views this particular issue at a different angle. We just need to love each other despite of our differences. Tras/homophobias have no right to attack any LGBT member. Vice versa.

      Corruption.  No one can ever relux and watch his/her belongings being taken away illegally. Everyone will try to protect them from being taken away. Though in most cases, some people chooses to use uncivilized way of trying to restore their belongings, which as a result endanger the lives of many.  Fighting don’t solve anything, infact it makes it get even worse. When there are grudges all over individuals keeps on deliberately involving themselves in corruption just to make others feel helpless. When everything is solved in court rooms, obvious no one can ever dare repeat the same mistakes knowingly. For people to have peaceful lives, corruption must be put to an end. Above all everything should be solved lawfully.

      There are more and more factors affecting peaceful lives. The most important thing is humanity. When everyone prioritizes humanity in each and every action he/she does, then our planet will obtain a peaceful state within a spur of a moment. 


      Just some few years ago,  majority of people never understood how HIV can be transmitted. After a series of rallies concerning HIV/AIDS awareness, most people gained some knowledge about it. 

      Though up-to-date, there exists some few people who despite of the knowledge they so far gained about the disease, they still stigmatise the victims.  Bearing in mind that there are many ways in which someone can end up becoming a victim of the same.  This is a situation which is not welcomed by anyone, infected individuals just find themselves in the situation. 

      As I once said, being HIV/AIDS positive, isn’t the end of living. I always challenge those who stigmatises these victims. There are thousands of people who die on road accidents, some die while sleeping, among more and more death circumstances. So I wonder what makes some people believe that, being HIV positive is the end of everything. If it is a must for that to stick in their minds, then it’s indeed necessary for them to decieve their minds that sleeping is also the symbol of end of everything as well. After such unimaginable mind manipulation, can they really jump on bed and catch some sleep? 

      Due to stigmatisation, most people are afraid of knowing their HIV status.  As a result, most people exposes themselves to risks of being infected. Especially when they are tempted to believe that, they already got the infection. It’s extremely wrong for anyone to make health assumptions. Those who believe that they’re already victims, majority ends up boycotting the use of protection. Such a step can lead to more STI transmissions. 

      Due to advancement of technology, there are availability of home kits. Anyone can purchase the kit and test him/ herself in private. I do appreciate such an awesome advancement. I believe that ARVs are available for free in most countries and kingdoms on earth. This is an extremely good strategy of making the victims feel some sense of belonging and importance. It’s good to see developed countries supporting third world countries in provision of ARVs and safety awareness campaigns  to all their citizens. 

      The most  encouraging thing is that ARVs enables the affected individuals have a long life like any other person on earth. The most important thing is that, everyone should make a step of knowing his/her status so as to plan a beautiful future.

      When it comes to protection. There is need for everyone to be other’s keeper. It’s not necessary for someone to be wealth in order to make an impact on other’s lives. Guidance and motivation are important treasures which are terrible needed by HIV/AIDS patients. No matter how keen we are in our lives, our future still remains a mistery. We need to support those who are in difficult situations when we can and the same shall be done unto us when we get exhausted. Love your brother/sister as you love yourself. Who is this brother/sister? This is anyone who needs your help.

      When it comes to helping, it’s totally unnecessary to consider personal differences. Be it race, tribe, gender, social status, profession etc. We can avoid all these by not narrowing our charity to our home countries. We should make it universally. We should avoid stating that we are trying to make our countries more powerful than others. Instead, we should focus on making our planet a better place for everyone. Such universality will erase our geographically boundaries. 


      Most straight people feels that they’re not safe in presence of transgenders. This is the reason why you’ll see a trans individuals being isolated and mocked mmh some even goes extra mile and attacks those particular people. 

      I don’t think it’s necessary for someone to do what others thinks is right. We all need to be original, proud and confident of whom we are. If everyone was to hate anyone who does what he/she dislikes, I wonder if there could be anyone who would be loveable. Actually, hatednnes would be an order of the day.

      As people more often keep on fighting for gender equality,  they should not lockout LGBT community. In fact every country should have laws which will be protecting and defending LGBT community from discriminations, and all forms of injustices. 

      Trans people can occupy any office. They can pursue any course. They have no difference with straight people. Actually the only difference is who they’re on bed that’s all. I mean really, matters of bed, how do they affect those who aren’t interested. Something which is done when lights are off, if at all they’re on, definitely the door is closed. Actually it’s non of anyone’s business. Those who claims that it’s abomination act they should know that only god is to judge not human beings. Judgements will be done after death. Whether trans will go to heaven or hell, it’s up to god not anyone who will also be judged. 

      Lol. Lets love each other. Do yours I do mine mmh we live happily and make the earth a peaceful planet. We may need each other in hell or heaven if at all they exists 😂😂😂😂😂😂😘 


      When I think of how things were just few years ago, a lot of questions runs across my mind. I do imagine how the world will look like after at least two thousand years from now. I do remember few years ago, a person who owned a button phone was really respected. Mmh just because he/she was obviously the richest. If one was to communicate with his/her beloved one via phone, that particular person had to actually go to one of the few  richest individuals and actually seek assistance. Owning a mobile phone was indeed a great achievement. 

      After sometime, owning of phones was somehow non-issue. However only adults owned them anyway. Withing a short period of time, people started advancing technically. Of course after introduction of touch screens.  Again it was seen as a great achievement incase an individual actually bought a touch screen mobile phone. 

      People have been really advancing technologically. If currently mobile phones can do more than just calling and sending text messages. It’s like having a mobile phone with internet connection, is just like having the entire world right on your hands. 

      Currently a truly rich person drives a big car,has more zeros in his/her bank accounts and owns a private jet etc.  

      When I look at this advancement phase, I always question myself. I try to figure out 2,000yrs from now, when I’ll be a great ancestor, how will the world look like. What will be the most unique thing that will make a person be considered as the richest? I tend to think by that time, owning a private jet will be normal maybe. Even poor people can afford to buy big cars to their children maybe.   Or maybe the richest individuals will no longer use jets and cars mmh they’ll be just flying like birds. For sure time will tell. Maybe the generation of that particular time will be laughing at hou we currently dress, mmh the kind of cars  on our roads etc. All in all we have to appreciate our current advancement and have hopes that more advancements will take place while we are still alive an kicking.


      Stress is something which is common to all human beings. People get stressed up due to different situations in their lives. Due to hardships on this extremely competitive world, it’s nolonger an issue when someone becomes stressed up. It’s like now days stress is part of life. Nothing good can come out of stress. It brings more harm than good. Alot of people have lost their lives, properties, beloved ones etc due to stress. 

      There are soo many causes of stress. Eg. Demotion, relationships, poverty, discrimination among more and more. I’ll just focus on these few. However, stress is not the end of everything. Stresses can be handled. When effective measures are taken in dealing with stress, then it’s obvious that it will never be part of people’s lives. 

      Allover the world there is high rate of unemployment. This maybe could be as a result of rapid growing of human population. In situation like this, demotion can easily break ones’ heart. Fare demotion is mostly as a result of underperformance, among others can stress be prevented in organisations? There are few measures which when put in place, the need of demoting or  sacking will be eradicated. Employee’s grievances should be dealt with on time. This will always make them have some sense of belonging. Performance appraisal should be conducted often. This encourages all employees to see the need of working extra hard so as to have good records. Wages and salaries should also be paid out on time. Punctuality in salaries and wages makes employees to be confident. Such confidence lowers down the rate of labour turnover. Working conditions should also be put in consideration. Employees feels loved when they’re working under high level of safety. Guidance and counseling should also be mandatory. Not  only to errant employees but to all. This always enables them to improve in their reasoning. Among other measures, these are just few of them.

      Another major cause of stress is a love triangle.  Relationships actually mean alot, not to all anyway but to most people. In case of a break up, most people finds themselves hopeless. Handling stresses related to love triangles is just as simple as boiling a chicken. The following measures can help in avoiding such kind of stress. Faithfulness is the key, when the partners are faithful to each other then obviously there’ll be minimal chances of stress. Use of the mouth and ears. So long as two or more individuals are concerned oooh! I’m not including side chicks here, I’m considering polygamy. There is always a time to listen and a time to speak. This invites peace and harmony  relationships. 

      When it comes to poverty I think it’s very normal. People becoming stressed up due to heavy debts, unemployment etc. Such situations has made some people to end up behind bars due to involving themselves in illegal activities. I may say that in most cases it’s not their wish but circumstances forces them. However such people will always be guilty beyond a shadow of doubt, because of making wrong choices of making both ends meet. Povert stresses can be handled when each and every individual puts more efforts in whatever he/she does regularly. Patience is also extremely important when dealing with any kind of stress at large. Particularly when it comes to poverty, stresses can be avoided when everyone lives his/her life. Eat what he/she can afford. Admiring other people’s lives, leads to stresses especially when one is tempted not to believe that he/she can  make it in life. 

      Oooh! There are many kind of discriminatory actions. I’ll just talk about discrimination of HIV/AIDS victims and trans people. I personally doesn’t think that there is anyone who had ever volunteered to be a HIV/AIDS victim. Those people gets infected beyond their awareness. Some due to inadequate knowledge about how the disease can be spread, some gets infected due to  trusting unfaithful partners etc. When it comes to transgender individuals, discrimination is the order of the day. They get mocked, insulted even sexually harassed. Such circumstances automatically leads to stressing up. Transgender individuals deserves total respect just like straight individuals do. Most people claim that these individuals goes against God’ s plan. Personally I think the accusers are the ones who goes against it the most because they tend to play the role of God. Only him/her can judge, if at all he/she exists. Such circumstances makes these fellows feel insecure hence becoming stressed up. They should be allowed to have a flawless life. When it comes to HIV/AIDS, for sure these individuals needs love and care. They can’t have hopes of living if at all they are stigmatized and discriminated. They need people who will be more often reminding them that having HIV/AIDS isn’t the end of happy life. By doing so, they live stress free kind of life. 


      We all face conflicts in one way or the other throughout our lives. Anyone who does anything constructive, has no choice of facing conflicts. In rare cases there is uniformity in understandings. More often, people do disagree seriously. It’s normal to any hardworking person. When no one ever disagrees with you, then it’s obviously that you’re doing nothing. There are four types of conflicts.

      Interpersonal  conflict is a disagreement between two or more people. This occurs when individuals have different opinions concerning a given issue. 

      Intra personal conflict is a type of coflict which originates from within someone. This is caused confusion. I may call it a fight within ones self. 

      Intergroup conflict is a disagreement between more than one group. It normal occurs when every group has a different opinion concerning something. 

      Intra group conflict is a disagreement which is experienced within a given group. It happen when members have different points of view concerning something.

      Conflicts are the serious adversaries of unification. With presence of conflicts, unification can’t be obtained. Conflicts can cause war is not handled quickly. However they can be avoided when everyone concentrates on whatever he/she is suppose to do. 


      We all dream of having sincere partners. What I can say is that such partners are extremely few if any. When you take your time and actually study the behaviour of your partner, for sure you’ll know exactly what kind of a partner he/she is. There are various habits which are common to all good partners.

      When you have a good partner you’ll not have to fake yourself. A good partner will always accept you the way you’re. Whether dark or light in complexion, slim or fat, illiterate or literate, rich or poor etc. Now days it’s common to see people claiming to be true partners actually asking each other  interview-like questions. It’s indeed necessary to get prepared upstairs before attempting to seduce anyone now days. Some of the funny questions which are common currently are:- have you ever been in a relationship? . If yes, tell me what happened. Why do you think I should ignore  everyone else and just accept you to be my partner? I hate everyone whose physical appearance is like yours, what are you planning to do about it?  Can you practically prove to me that you can truly support me in every situation? What are some of your goals in a relationship? You can’t be reliable, prove me wrong. Lol! such conversation is sophisticated. Am sure even a truly sincere person will be locked out and only smart headed one will be successful. Such questions can never be asked by a sincere person. 

      A good partner always take risks for the other’s sake. They actually forgets their own security. Such people are ready to lose everything if that is the only way. There are situations whereby everyone runs aways. Maybe it’s a situation whereby  there are all possibilities that nothing can be done. Only those who are sincere can take risks. 

      A good partner always defends the other. We are on a planet whereas everyone judges the other without sufficient proofs. There are those who always talks ill about others. They condemn, mock and harass others. Such circumstances requires sincerity. A good partner will always defend you no matter what. Even when you’re being stoned, that particular person will defend you.

      No relationship can be strong with absence of love. Love is everything when it comes to relationships. True love can never be hidden. It’s like a cough, one can pretend but not forever. Those who are in love, don’t get upset soo easily. Only good partners can show true love. Those who are after personal gain always runs away when things gets tough. Though they can’t be blamed because it’s their nature. When they’re convinced that storms are over, that’s when they’ll ‘truly’ express their love. They’ll try to make you forget all your past. Good partners never seek a second chance because their love is unconditionally. There is nothing like commercial break in love. Love is suppose to be continually. A person who promises his/her partner that there’ll be no love till curtain things happens, he/she is not a good partner. 

      Man is to error, no one is perfect on this world. Even those who are considered to be spiritual, at some point they do make mistakes. Though some mistakes are unforgivable, good partners rents forgiveness deep in their hearts. They have ability of distinguishing forgivable and unforgivable acts.